Do You Eat Ginaling?

If you didn’t know what it is, it’s just a dish made from ground pork, chopped potato and carrots, some seasonings/spices, salt, and oil. So it is just like a mixed dish and quite easy to make. If they can talk, how would they react if they’ve been scrambled in one place and getting mixed up with each other? I wonder.

What I feel right now is a mixture of emotions. It’s been a long time since I last blogged. I almos couldn’t stomach the thought of not being able to reply to comments. I still have 15 to return and I’ll do so after posting this blog. XD Anyway, it’s still early in the morning and I feel already tired. Probably because I didn’t have much sleep and yes, lacking sleep makes me sad.

These past few days, I felt like I’m always running out of time and this so called Time has been chasing me like mad as if I’d get caught up and tangled if I don’t hurry like hell is coming. Just like right now, I’ll be going with my mom to choose for a dress fon our Acquiantance Party, which is tomorrow and I forgot to buy a dress because of this hectic schedule and in the afternoon, I’ll be meeting my classmates to design the stage.

My life looks so cramped, I feel like a sponge which is squeezed so hard just to drain the water. There are times I’d get angry at everyone else, perhaps it’s because I find them annoying and noisy and irky when they disturb me especially when I’m in deep thinking.

I’m also quite annoyed at this particular person who was just a damned coward for not revealing her/himself. This person accused my friend Melody of stealing someone’s coding and CSS and when I got into the site, it looks completely different. Stealing is one thing. Accusing someone of stealing even when it isn’t so is another thing. WTF?

On the brighter note, I’m planning to buy this dress. I hope it isn’t too revealing. :O I just find it so cute. Wish me luck and I can find it here, because I can’t do online shopping. 😛

12 thoughts on “Do You Eat Ginaling?”

  1. I know it’s really high! But at that point I was constantly on the verge of throwing up and almost in a coma, so… yeah. XP

    I hope I remember to put up the haircut picture. XD All I have right now is my webcam (my camera is at a different house), and its quality is terrible.

  2. Oo ginaling. YUM YUM. Diba himuon mana bola bola or para sa lumpia? Haha, bag-o rako nikaon ana 😛

    Nah, don’t worry. Don’t stress out too much. Kay maniguwang ta ana kung sige ta stress! Just enjoy looking for the dress and the party of course! And I love the dress. Nah, I don’t think it’s too revealing. But I don’t think I have enough courage to wear one, but it is cute 🙂 I love the pattern.

    I hate it when people accuse me of something -but I do that too- so I guess its a 50/50 condition. You’ll never know in the internet world. Some people might accuse others because of jealousy. So, let it go. She/He is not worth your time at all.

    Na! Maglagut gyud ko kung makit-an na akong sanina na GIPAHUMAN ra nako unya gi-sulut diay balik sa amaw! Lami kaayo lamparuhun ug ingnon “ako mani oi!”

    Oo. Our lockers are always near our first period man. And its already paid for with the tuition fee. Dako naman na ang 5 minutes. Walk slowly to the class, chika chika kadiyut. HAHA.

  3. Yeah, I’ll probably end up not changing my major. :p Haha.

    I’ve felt the same way that you’ve felt lately. I don’t like it. >.< I want summer back, haha.

  4. Hey Senyth 😀
    OMG. I think I eat Ginaling :S
    Wait. Is ground pork the same as mince meat ? LOL. Sorry, I suck. Well I eat this thing made of minced meat and it’s called the exact same thing. Anyways.

    Good luck with returning comments. I think I have the same amount as you. I’m having trouble returning comments nowadays.

    Ngaw, if you’re really tired maybe you should have a day off or something. You need to sleep. I hate time too. Don’t worry. Time’s a bitch.

    If you’re running out of time then maybe you should leave your site for a day but I know how impossible that is T_T I visit my site nearly everyday but I don’t always get a chance to do something to it.

    Tell Melody not to worry about false accusations. People come to conclusions a little to quickly. I think Melody applied to be my affiliate 🙂 I should get back to her soon 😛

    The dress looks really cute 😀 It’s affordable to!
    To bad you can’t buy it online.

    OMG. I love Filipino spaghetti. I like Italian one too but I’ve always had a sweet tooth 😀
    I wish I could talk back to my mum or brother. I’m a bit too scared to stand up for myself though 🙁

    Thanks 🙂
    I’m so sleepy. You should get some sleep too lol!

  5. haha! most likely it is still there.
    ugh sorry it’s been forever since I’ve updated, or talked!
    I’m soooo busy with homework, it’s craaaaaazy. :/
    But how’s life?

  6. HAHA. Murag pareha ra bitaw na. Maka gutom gyud ni oi. Bag-o ra baya ko nahuman homework, so gutom gyud kaayo. 😛

    Ay sayang. Pero naa man gyud dako na chance na dili nimo mapalit ang exact dress. Naka try nako ana. Nag search lang ko ug dress sa store, pero wala diay cla. Murag ang lain branch man to ang naa 🙁 Pero, did you get something that’s similar?

    Maw gyud. May nalang nang mangutana cla una kay para dili pud ta mabuang ug pangita. Maw lagi, ako nalang gud ang mauulit sa sige nako ug remind nila.

    Are you serious? Dili diay duol ang inyo lockers sa homeroom ninyo? Pero amo kay 2 floors raman pud, so ok ra. And my locker is actually close to most of my classes. And I already paid for it, so I need to use it.

  7. Aw, glad you like it! That made me laugh, how you said it looks like it should be eaten, lol.

    How did it feel to nearly be in a coma? Um… I don’t know. I mean, it’s in the past, so it’s not something I dwell on or anything. I DIDN’T get into a coma, and that’s all that really matters. Besides, I was way too out of it at the time to really notice anything.

  8. hehehehe giniling >33 i love giniling and yeah sometimes i feel like that too lol!

    anyway i love that dress >33 buy it alright? and damn people accusing of your friend
    copying someone’s CSS =w=;
    well i hope the other party really found proof before accusing her.

  9. hello sis, i visited your friends site, aww i feel so sad for her :-s
    btw, the dress looks so cute haha

    new post btw , hope you can drop a comment, its onlye a very very short post hehe 😀

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