Cute Nerdy Couple

Last July(yes, I’ve been gone for a quarter of a year @_@), I was invited for a photoshoot and I had the opportunity to do the model’s make up and hairstyle, which is somewhat exciting, gratifying and scary at the same time since it was my first time to ever a make up on someone else for a shoot. It was overwhelming but somehow I was excited. And I wanted everything to be organized.

Messy room

I arrived at my friend’s house late, as usual, but the models arrived later compared to me. LOL. I arranged everything before the shoot started. And that’s what the workplace looked like 30 minutes later. Haha.

stolen picture

Our female model. Isn’t she pretty? 😛 One thing I like about her face is that she has a pair of naturally arched brows so it wasn’t so difficult primping her up. While I was doing the makeup, our photographer helped me curl her hair to save time since our male model has a different agenda in the afternoon. Talk about being famous and in demand. LOL!

One thing I can say with this shoot is that the people involved are versatile. It’s not everyday that a photographer can do the model’s hair. 😛 Our models can make cute and sexy looks in one shoot. Yes, they transformed from cute to sexy, like what our photographer wanted, which is kind of funny, for me. 😛

Me, doing the sexy look of the model. 😛

I’ve been known since we were still studying that I’d stop whatever I’m doing to pose and smile at the camera when it’s pointed to my direction. LOL. This is one proof of it. Want to see the awesome shots? ^_^

We didn’t do it on purpose, but it so happen that at that time, Harry Potter 7 Part 2 movie is about to be released. 😛 J.K. Rowling should pay us for advertising her stuff! HAHA. Not that she needs it anyway. (I still can’t get over Harry Potter and I’ve been loving it since I read Book 2. x3 Crazy shipper of Harry/Ginny here and proud of it!)

The models are actually real life couple. Cute, I know. 😛 And did I mention that the female model and the photographer are two of my closest friends in College? They’re extremely talented! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Friends of the same feather, flock together. HAHA! Kidding!

I really enjoyed the shoot and I hope I could do more shoots in the future. <3 Organizers/Directors/Stylists: Clarraine Tonog and Yours Truly Models: Jen Curativo and John Vega Hairstylists: Clarraine Tonog and Yours Truly Make Up: Yours Truly 😛 Photographer: Clarraine Tonog Wardrobe: Clarraine's Older Sister and Yours Truly

And that’s me after the shoot. Tired as hell but fulfilled. 😛 Clarraine actually treated us some ice cream and bread after the successful day. YAY!

I’m sorry for the sort of pic spam post. :S I hope you enjoyed this post too. 🙂 If you want to see more of the official photos, just contact me and I’ll give you the link of my friend’s album.

PS: I really do fervently hope that I could update this blog regularly. I missed blogging sooooo much, but I just barely have the time! T_T Rawrbie is already 2 years old, btw. I renewed her before her birthday, August 17. 😛

8 thoughts on “Cute Nerdy Couple”

  1. Wow, you did a great job on the model! She looks great. I really love the pictures with the Harry Potter book =) They’re all great though. Must have been such a fun time working on this.

    Funny story about the glasses I’m wearing in the picture. They were my friends and she gave them to my boyfriend to hold onto them. So he put them on his face and a little while later he grabs them off his face and was like ‘Where did these glasses come from!’ It was so funny.

  2. First of all, I loooove the design of your blog! so cute!!

    Srsly, your model’s eyebrows are that natural? she’s lucky! I envy you because you’re good on make-up! I have no idea on how to put the hmm eyeshadow.. i don’t know on blending the colors and stuff. I love the concept! nerdy and cute! Wish to have that concept with my boyfriend too. tehee!

  3. cute… I also enjoy doing shoots like this sis.. tapos ako yung makeup artist at the same time photog. wahahahaha.. multi-tasking “kuno”. hahahaha :DD

    I love how you did the model’s makeup! and indeed, they’re a cute couple! hihihihihi… amazing.. 🙂 I also love the tone of the photos you got here.. nice job sis! do more shoots! weeee… 🙂

  4. Wow long time indeed…glad I decided to check today XD. Sounds like a great opportunity 😀

    I love all your makeup stuff…so awesome @_@

    Looks like you did a good job…nice pictures! LOL I love Harry Potter too and I ship Harry/Ginny as well. I love Ron/Hermione too XD.

    Aww that’s so cute…them being a couple in real life :3. I love pictures so I loved this post! Well maybe if you post once in a while that would be enough 🙂

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