Comfort Zone

They said that if you want to grow, let go of your comfort zone. Go somewhere else that will help you become stronger, some place where you will be tested and polished. If you stay on the same place without learning, you will just become rusty.

I’m not saying though that I didn’t learn anything from my first job (yes, I quit my job a few weeks ago), I did learn a lot and discovered a lot of things, but the thing is I didn’t feel like I’m learning enough and most of the time, I have people all around me who were all ready to provide me information up to the point that I became dependent and lost my passion, which has become my comfort zone.

I will surely miss this place and the people in it. For the 6 months that I’ve stayed there, I’ve made connection with them and we really got to know each other. They made my stay worthwhile. Thinking of them puts a smile on my face. I don’t need to mention names (and they don’t have to be in the pictures HAHA), because they know who they are.

This used to be my work place. I wonder who’s using it right now. BTW, I loved that monitor because it is big and I can see everyhting very clearly. XD That chair was my favorite chair as well. 🙂

I was backing up all my files because that day was my last day. LOL.

I’ve found a new job, but sometimes I can’t help but think of them when it’s lunch break, or when it’s 4:00 PM, which is our break/snacks time.

I miss them. Just because I let go of my first job doesn’t mean we’d stop being friends. ^_^

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