Clouds Come Floating Into My Life

Today, I went to our Multimedia Club’s meeting. I really didn’t want to, but since I’m found guilty for not turning up in last week’s meeting, I decided to go. I didn’t know what the meeting was actually about, nor did I anticipate anything. But what came up really surprised me: They were trying to elect members from the said club; give them positions and tasks. Of course I knew the latter would come but I hate having a position, acting like a leader or someone that the organization looks up to. Darn, I was given the task of being a Graphics Editor/Designer. :O As much as it’s exhilarating, I find it quite terrifying. For one, I don’t have that much creativity of me, which is really needed in Graphics Designing. I only know the tools and techiniques so my graphics look good, if not better. Everybody now kind of expects something from me. I’m quite relieved though, because my friend was also elected as one and we’d be working on same projcects together. But that doesn’t give me much confidence. Yes, I’ve always lacked that one though I try to supress it in one way or another.

The weather’s been really cold lately; I had to wear long sleeved clothes, which I don’t usually do. Today has been raining a lot. Could it be because our former President, Cory Aquino, has just passed away? Yes, our country is mourning for her. She had been a really good president and the First Woman in the Republic. We all will miss her. She died because of cancer, which climbed into level 4. Awful, I know. I don’t know what to make of our political status right now. Some officials are just so corrupt! But ranting about it, doesn’t really help so I have no need to get stressed over it. 😐 I’m hoping it will improve somehow.

Rest in peace, dear First Lady of the Philippines. Watch over us and see our country’s progress from above.

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51 thoughts on “Clouds Come Floating Into My Life

  1. Rikki says:

    ooh that reminds be of this thing i have in my school called web team. i’m the only one that knows proper coding but i dont like to say that i do, lol. there’s this guy that turns up every single week and he claims he knows so much about computers but he doesnt. I hate people like that! ==’ Anyway, about the comment board. My comments and form for some reason came up with my entry and I didn’t like it like that. So yeah lol πŸ˜›

  2. Julia says:

    I am fine and just a bit nervous because I will work next week and then I won’t have much freetime anymore πŸ™
    Today I will go for a dinner in a restaurant where it is dark^^ what do you do?

  3. alisha says:

    sorry lol i ask everyone

  4. Julia says:

    I hope that they will be all nice to me^^
    I am just scared in the dark when I am alone.

  5. alisha says:

    im good lol you , yeh im useing wp

  6. Delilah says:

    But actually, I watch it on Youtube ! (:
    Ahah, [;

    I start school on August 31st. [=

  7. Olivia says:

    hey! im just catching up with you! πŸ™‚ i’ve been busy, sorry for not typing any sooner.

  8. sienna says:

    YEEEEEEEEAH. THAT’S RIGHT. TOM FELTON IS HAWT!!! The song’s called starstrukk

  9. Sindara says:

    Love your layout. πŸ™‚

  10. Sindara says:

    Oh I got ie it looks good but I don’t know wat it looks in others

  11. Delilah says:

    Ohh, isee(:
    Where do you download videos/tv shows ? πŸ™‚

    &+ THANKS !
    Awhh , well having school can sometimes be fun. xD

  12. Sindara says:

    Oh well it looks fine. πŸ™‚ How close is it suspose to be? and I love kittens too. So you like my layout or hate it? I want to know if it looks bad

  13. Shiri says:

    Aww, yes I heard about the president.

    And don’t worry about the graphic designer thing. Yes, you might feel a bit overwhelmed but you can definately do it! And afterwards you’re going to feel so happy and proud and “wow! I was THE graphic designer in this project!!”

  14. Pauline says:

    Heyy my affie!
    Lol. I havent spoken to you in ages hun, how are you? Omg, congrats on getting graphic designer, thats pretty good and i really think you’ve got creatively trust me πŸ˜‰ Well, good luck <3
    It's become cold over here too and i'm sorry for her. I hate cancer i wish it didnt exisit!

  15. Pauline says:

    noo did my comment post?

  16. Pauline says:

    Blah. it didnt. =( I’ll type it again!
    Congrats on the graphic designer task, thats pretty good i would be so happy. And no you ARE creative! ^^
    Its been pretty cold here too and sorry about her death =( R.I.P

  17. Mandi says:

    wow i love your theme! πŸ™‚

  18. Delilah says:

    It airs every Tuesday…
    It tells all the episodes, how many there are, and yeah. xD

    Heres the one for make it or break it :

    Oh, you have to download Torrent ? :/

  19. Mandi says:

    aww do you vacation anywheres?

    and yeah i have REALLY bad vision lol xD

  20. Pauline says:

    Hey hun 😑
    Yay I’m glad we are talking again, I havent heard from you in ages ^__^ Ayee, lol. xD I got pissed off when her mom was so rude to me. =( I hate how I look, at least your pretty πŸ˜‰

    Haha, so you watch Bleach too? I love Bleach it’s my favourite anime/manga!

    Love youu! x

  21. Georgina says:

    Thank you!

    Haha, I think we all hate it when our parents screw up our plans. 😐 my mum let me go in the end, though. πŸ™‚ (Looks like I need to write a new blog and mention that. :P)

    Oh gosh, I really understand you there. A lot of the time my mum asks me to iron clothes. I spend hours doing it, and when I’ve finished, she looks at the clothes and says I did an awful job. πŸ™ I have become better at ironing but in the beginning I didn’t like her getting mad at me.

    RIP Cory! πŸ™ I had no idea about her.

    Congratulations on getting assigned that job. I know people will expect something of you, but use that in a good way. You should be motivated! Good luck with it. Feel good that you have that job, even if you aren’t that good. πŸ™‚ You’ll learn from it too!

    It’s cold over here because it’s winter. πŸ˜› So I’m always wearing long sleeved clothes. πŸ˜›

  22. Vashael says:

    Yea I was freaked out with the satanic worshiping but I acted disinterested around the guy πŸ˜›
    Yup I love anime..well more the manga than anything. You shouldn’t quit, I’m very suckish at drawing but I stick with it cause I love to draw. A year ago I could only draw stick people lol

    I love Asian dramas as well ^^ Recently got addicted to it, I think I’m obsessed with Asian entertainment on the whole! Got any recommendations for dramas?
    I like people who cosplay, its really cool and interesting. I’ll never call them crazy xD

    Maybe you should look around on the internet for some inspiration to get your creative..I so don’t want to say creative juices o.O
    But maybe if you find things that inspire you, you’ll get motivated about the project. Have some fun graphic designing, our best work comes from when we just let loose, at least that’s what I think.
    Its sad that she passed away, I hope she finds her peace. Its true that there’s a lot of corruption when it comes to politics, I hope things get better for your country.

  23. Sindara says:

    Is it any better?

  24. Ashleigh says:

    Good luck with the task of being in charge of Graphic Design, you’ll do wonderful I know it. πŸ˜‰

  25. Monica says:

    OMG. When I was school prefect, I felt so pressured. But in the end, it wasn’t bad so you shouldn’t worry. Don’t make yourself feel pressured.

    OMG. I heard about Cory’s death. My Tito has bowel cancer and now he’s afraid. Oh well, R.I.P

    One thing I hate about History is the timelines and stuff LOL.

  26. Pauline says:

    Lol. Your pobaly very pretty =) Yeah, I hate people who put to much make-up on just hiding the fact they are ugly lmao. I only wear eyeliner =D

    Bah, I hate Orhimie =/ she’s always like β€œKurosaki-kun” lol. I like IchiRukia =)) What anime do you like?

  27. Pauline says:

    Lol. I hate Orihime.

    I know it’s so stupid right, one of these girls in my school wears foundtain on her lips… its so stupid right? I hate plastic girls like them !

    Aww NANA? I used to watch that back in the philipines xD

  28. Pauline says:

    LOL. Yeah, she knows what foudation is for but she uses it anyway for her to get that light coloured lip colour i told her tht she could buy one thts actually for her lips but she didnt want it lol. so i was like ‘okay’ hehe.

    Yeah, didnt you know that? lol. I moved to UK when I was 7. Are you a fillipno?

  29. Pauline says:

    Haha. Everyone I talk to wants to go here to UK! Lol. Trust me it’s not that good over here, the weather is freaky cause one mintue it’s sunny then the next it’s rainy LMFAO. Who’s dan?

  30. Delilah says:

    Mkkay,, (:
    I’ll be waiting for a DMM !
    What’s your Twitter ?

  31. Melody says:

    You knock ’em dead, you! πŸ˜‰ I’m sure your graphics are good enough to wow everyone. Have fun!


  32. Sindara says:

    Lol. I sorry. πŸ™‚ What you up to?

  33. Pauline says:

    Really? haha. So it’s not just British weather ?! hehe.

    Yeah travelling around the globe is definatly cool; I want to travel too xD

    Dan R? Oh, I don’t like him cause he’s a bit erm lol. I didnt know his studio is over here lol.

    ily. x

  34. Pauline says:

    Haha.. abit erm, I can’t explain really just abit ‘erm’ haha xD

    I like finding about the history of countrys, it really intrests me and makes me wonder and think =) lol.

    Lol. Thanks, I’m getting loads of comments these days I wonder why hehe xD Oh yeah cause of my fabulous vistors such as yourself =)

  35. Delilah says:

    What happened to your layout ?!
    Well anyway, (:

    Yeah, I changed my username to Dearstardust !!

  36. Sindara says:

    lol I am okay I guess

  37. Delilah says:

    Glad that the layout’s back. πŸ˜€

    Ew, I hate those affiliates > <

    LOL . -God knows when-

    Nahh, I don't like that domain contest.
    Cause I have to copy & paste her contest into mine which is SO NOT HAPPENING. ;P

  38. Pauline says:

    HAHA. YOU WOULD OF SAID ‘YES I’M PREGANT?” rolflol. I can imagine this now –
    You- I am pregant
    Justin- whos.. i dare say the father?
    you- erm, I dunno
    Ok the last part is creepy haha xD
    ily. x

  39. alisha says:

    hello sorry if have been a bad friend it explains it all in my blig

  40. Pauline says:

    HAHA!! I was just pissing myself with laughter when I read your comment lmfao! =’)
    OMFG. I’ll actually tell Justin that xD He’d probaly hid away forever haha =]

  41. Em says:

    Awww, what are you talking about? Look at your cute site! Why are you shy/terrified about making graphics? You should be proud, you’re going to knock their socks off!

    May your president rest in peace πŸ™

    Honestly, about officials being corrupted, it’s so’s just so sad, and we can’t even really do anything about it.

  42. London says:

    Aww, lucky you :D! I don’t know if they have positions like that in college, but the high school I went to previously did not have such positions :(. Makes me sad. But you have a cute site. You should be happy you go this position, because that means it’ll help you in the long run :)! Good luck.

  43. Sindara says:

    Ya We figured it out she got her tail caught and i guess she hurts

  44. Pauline says:

    No, don’t! lol. everyone is saying he likes me but he doesnt and if he did i would have to turn him down cause it would be werid. i knew him since i was 7 and he is a filipino as well btw lol anyways our moms are like best friends =S lol.

  45. Pauline says:

    Haha, I do speak taglog still just a little tho, I cant speak fluetly. I know things like ‘Kamusta ka na?’ hehehe

  46. Pauline says:

    Yeah I agree =]

    So how are you? (Kamusta ka na?) LOL

  47. Vashael says:

    I’m jealous you know how to colour πŸ˜› I’m one of those people who colour out the lines and gets angry at their colour pencils…its so sad.
    I’m still learning, I don’t think I’ll ever stop xD I read through so many tutorials and downloaded lots of books, I’m too lazy to read the books though πŸ˜› but it all comes down to one thing, you gotta just grab a pencil and draw, you’ll never learn anything unless you do it yourself. Somebody on deviantart said “If you wanna get better at drawing, practice until you bleed. THEN DRAW WITH THE BLOOD”
    Lol its crazy but its better than to say Practice, practice, practice…sounds kinda boring that way xD
    And draw a variety of things, different expressions, poses, objects. Writing this, I feel as if I need to go practice, I’m neglecting it >_<
    Deviant Art is the best inspiration I know and maybe some good music to set the mood.
    hope you have fun drawing πŸ˜›
    I'm still very suckish o.O
    I'll definitely check out My girl, I started to watch Boys over flowers and for some reason the first episode annoyed me -_- I'll give it another try though. I liked Family Honor and City Hall as Kdramas ^^ Okay this is long enough xD

  48. Sindara says:

    Her tail is getting better.She is starting to wag her tail again but not to much

  49. Tiffany says:

    Well see, my mom pays for my phone. Well, she did. And now because I’m gone, she canceled the plan. Meh, I don’t care, I’m going to get my own soon, as soon as I can afford it.

    What’s PTC?