Yesterday, it was my younger brother’s birthday and we went to Chikaan to celebrate. There were heaps of foods ordered and my little tummy got filled up in about five minutes. It was really fun and their staff sang a song for my brother which surprised each and every one of us in the restaurant. Just thought I’d share it because I haven’t had the time to post it last night. I was so full I thought I couldn’t sleep early.

Chikaan means a place where everyone can chit-chat in English. Well, at least for me that’s how it means. 🙂

Today, I was really pissed off with everyone in the house. They were so noisy and kept shouting like they were kilometers apart. It just hurts my ears and sight. One thing that also pissed me off is that my cousin locked the room, with the keys inside it even when my mom didn’t say so. I’ve yet to print my Accounting assignment in that room and can’t go in because of her. Luckily, someone from the neighborhood knew how to open locked doorknobs. Yes, I was able to print, but only after a few tries because our retarded printer is starting up crazy again and I was afraid I’d be late for school only to find out that our first period teacher was absent. All my efforts of going there hurriedly went down the drain. The only thing I’m glad of was that I didn’t take a taxi going to school, though I was tempted to do so.

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