C3 Became E63

Shameless Plug: My first contest

I’ve found myself strolling around the malls here when I have a free time, and more often than not, I’ve went in and out of gadget shops and found things that I would love to have, yet I don’t have enough money. O_O

One of which is a new cell phone. Since I lost my previous one last year, I’ve been using my 5-year old phone which I owned when I was still in high school. I would really love to get a touch screen phone, and it having a full keyboard is optional. The cheapest that I found is Samsung, which I don’t really like and doesn’t have WiFi.

My special friend and I went to Nokia store together and he’d mention that he’d love to have a QWERTY phone. As what I found out in my research, C3 is the phone for the youngsters since it’s a messenger phone with WiFi and full keyboard. We came to a conclusion that we’d save money and buy the same phone together. x3

Then I found out that C3 doesn’t have an OS and can’t do multitasking. 🙁 I would have loved the color pink of the phone but then it’s too pink, and if I’m to use the white one, it would get dirty in my hands in no time. LOL.

Sometimes, when I’ve got nothing to do or when I’m procrastinating, I often visit Buy and Sell forums and that’s when I came across E63. It’s not a new release of Nokia, unlike C3. But I love its color, nevermind the shape of the phone – it looks chubbier and bulkier than C3. Here‘s the comparison between them if you want a more accurate information.

Anyway, I was falling for that phone, and told him. I thought he’d be disappointed but then he agreed with me, and said that he doesn’t want to regret buying C3 because it has minimal flexibility.

So, yay! E63’s price is 2000 Php more than the price of C3, but it has an OS, WiFi, 3G and more. We’d be videocalling each other just for laughs. 🙂

This is still our plan though, who knows it might change at a later date. O_O But I’m really looking forward to it.

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  1. hmmm yayyy for your e63.. lol and wow im the first commenter.. I love touch screen phones and ive been using one since highschool.. as of now, im using treo750 but some features works only in the US thats why i bought c3 as my spare phone.. so whenever i go out i use treo but whenever im at home i use c3.. LOL

    off-topic: wanna link exchange?

  2. Senyth, hello! 🙂 It’s unfortunate for me to say that I won’t be able to participate in your contest because I’ll be in school and swamped with homework. :/ I have to take care of that before I decide to take care of anything website-related.

    I’ve also moved domains, again – hoorah! 🙂

    Hmm, I think I would get the phone that you find much more useful to you, and not just for the “looks” of the phone. I have a BlackBerry Curve, but it’s a hand-me-down from my mom, so it’s nothing special. But it’s a fantastic phone. :/ I’m not sure if that kind of phone is provided where you live though, so.

    Anyways – I think I’d take the red phone, to the right. Despite the fact that it’s a bit bulkier, I’m sure it’s also much more useful to you, what with its OS and WiFi. 😉 Great stuff right there.

    But, the final decision is yours to make!

    Love, Katarina

    1. @Katarina,

      Hehe. I’ve made a decision, together with my boyfriend that we’d get the red one because it’s more useful to both of us. XD

      We have BlackBerry here, but it’s a bit pricey and it’s only useful when you’re online all the time, which requires some kind of a service, I think?

      I would love to see your domain, but you just moved to another one and your drunkenlullabies.org can’t be found either. 🙁 Why is it so?

  3. My friends say that E63 is still a good buy! I want one since last year but I chose a different one ’cause e63 was still 4k expensive than its price today. hoping of getting this before the year ends or similar to it ’cause i want a qwerty phone 😀 😀 😀 i hope you get yours too! 😀

  4. uhaaay. 🙂 how cute 🙂 you even plan to buy the same phone together. 🙂 but i agree, just go for the e63 since its just 2k more but it has the features you’re looking for. 🙂

    if given the chance, i wanna have a blackberry or iphone. haha. but they’re just too expensive. lmao. i mean i could, but its a great deal of saving that i have to deal with and i dont know if i can manage.hehe xD

    but given alternate phones, i’d opt for samsung or nokia as well 🙂

  5. Hi, Senyth! First of all, I’d like to say that I absolutely adore your WordPress designs! They’re very bright and cute.

    Although the phones seem expensive, the use you’ll get out of them will be phenomenal! My boyfriend and I recently purchases two MyTouch Android phones, complete with 3G, Android OS, etc etc. And I haven’t regretted it!

    I’m sure you and your boyfriend won’t regret the awesomeness that is a smart phone, either. :3

  6. Wowee, cuteness explosion o.O this layout is so pretty!! just had to mention, heh, I love the colours.

    I have the Nokia E63! I love it, haha, it’s like the thing that’s been missing from my hand, I’m never off it. There are some really great apps for it on the Ovi store too. 😀
    The red one on there is my favourite; they were out of stock when I bought mine, though, so mine is navy. (You can also get black, my friend has that one.) You should definitely get it, lmao, it’s great.

    But yeah, QWERTY phones are the best; it was hard to use at first but now I’ve had it about 10 months and it’s so much quicker than having a keypad, lol.

  7. I think my aunt has the E63 and its white. I really don’t know but they both look similar 😛

    I would really love to have a Nokia phone though. It’s one of those phones that I know will last me a lifetime. But I have LG. It’s still nice though. And its touch screen. But I use the full keyboard for texting, its faster that way than the touch screen. Sadly, I can’t use the WiFi I have on the phone because its more expensive 🙁 And I don’t think my parents will want to pay that much money just for internet 🙁

  8. Eck! Did I miss the contest? School started and being online was OUT of the question.

    Anywho, I’m always in the stores and browsing the internet looking at stuff that I shouldn’t. WHY? Simply because I ALWAYS find something that I want so bad but never have enough money for. Then it just always seems to be on my mind and when I finally get it it’s like “OMG, I made a big fuss for this crap?”

    I really want a new phone too but I’m learning to buy first what I need and not what I want. I really think I’m growing up. (:

    I hope you get your new phone. I like the E63 better than the C3 anyway!

  9. I don’t pay for my phones . . . :p. My parents insist on paying for me, and they usually get me the iPhone, even when I don’t really want it. I wanted the new myTouch 3G Slide Android phone, but my dad also insisted it was an old phone, even when I told him over and over again it came out June 2nd (which was like, 3 days before I told him I wanted to get that phone for myself). He refuses ’cause it’s too expensive, but then buys me an iPhone 4, which is a lot more expensive, =_=’. So ridonculous.

  10. Hey girl, I emailed you regarding the sponsorship for your contest (: Just wondering if you have received it.

    I love getting new phones! Haha. But I’m not a big fan of Nokia but then again every one has their own preference. Good luck with your new phone.

  11. I want to get a new phone too! But I agree that you shouldn’t rush into buying a phone that you might not want to stick with for a long time. You should pick one that won’t break quickly. Nokia seems to be a good choice already in that aspect, hehe.

    I think appearance-wise, E63 doesn’t lose to C3 at all! But that’s just me who thinks phones with keyboards look similiar. x-D

  12. I want to have C3 but then I’m still thinking of getting another model since everyone seems to be having c3 in the future. LOL! And goodluck in buying a new phone. 🙂

  13. Thank you for letting me sponsor you!

    And also, I’m glad you like the scans/ stock images. Hehe. It’s nice to know that someone would use it. Suggestions are welcome, I”m running out of ideas.

  14. That is so awesome! 🙂 I hope you save up enough money for it. Haha. I would love to get a new phone too, but I’m currently happy with my old Moto. Besides, I can’t imagine myself with a QWERTY our touch screen phone as of now :))

  15. Senyth! It’s been a super long time since we’ve talked 🙁 I’ve switched sites two different times and I’m finally contacting you again! How have you been??

  16. Sounds exciting getting a new phone. I doubt my boyfriend would ever want to get the same phone, he hates when we accidentally dress a like. If we happen to wear the same color shirt and same shade of jeans and converse, haha. He thinks it’s weird or something and will normally change if he realizes before we’re already gone.

    I thin it’d be fun to go phone shopping with the boy and getting the same phone. It’s cute! 😀

  17. I just looked at the comparison for the phones. It goes to show that newer is not necessarily better. For example, with the iPhone 4… there are some problems with it! One of my friends appreciates the new model but thinks that the curvy model is more unique, and better.

    I don’t mind the QWERTY keyboard on the iPhone but when on blackberries or other smartphones when the keyboard is made up of buttons, I don’t like it. I’m definitely not used to it and I don’t think I could stand pressing all those tiny buttons!

    I think I remember your blog post when you mentioned that you lost your phone. You deserve a new one especially after you’ve had your current phone for five years!

    iPhone doesn’t have video calls but I don’t find it necessary; I video call my friends on MSN. 😛

    Thank you for the comment on my new layout! Heartdrops’ birthday is in October! 😀

    I can’t stand staring at people; since I deem it rude, I don’t want to do it back! 😛 Some people stare back but I just can’t. I have tried it, only a few times though.

    I have seen people ignore disabled people, which is so inconsiderate. It actually makes me feel touched inside when someone gives up their seat for someone disabled or for a woman with child.

    I can’t tease kids; I’d feel mean. I get pretty snappy with some of the ones at work though, and strict. D:

  18. OMG!!! Hahaha. You know what? My boyf and I are having the same thoughts, haha. Well we already bought our phones (5130 XM) but then we find QWERTY phones really cute and Nokia has been releasing models that are not that expensive.

    We’re also thinking of what to buy. C3 or E63. I didn’t know that C3 didn’t have the OS, lol… or maybe I was just too lazy to read it at GSMARENA, hahaha. XD

    Anyway, good luck on the E63! :3 We’re also saving for that phone, heehee.

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