Busy Bumblebee

Yes, I’ve finally changed my oh-so-outdated Christmas theme. XD It’s my shortest-lived theme so far. 😛 I acutally don’t want to change it, but I feel like my site looks weird wearing it right now, so I gave Rawrbie a facelift. Haha.

I know I’m always in a rush. Just slow me down.

It’s during times like these when I would want to give up on everything. Time management has always been horrible for me; I don’t know how to manage my time well and most of the time I end up doing nothing or doing things that should be less prioritized because doing those with high priority bores me out. 😐 Midterms is coming up and I have a heavy burden on my shoulders, especially on my subjects for MWF schedule. We have this Philippine Constitution and our coverage would be Articles 1 – 7, excluding Article 3, and that means I have to read about 300+ pages. WTH, I couldn’t even read 10 straight pages in a school book. I have to think it’s an exciting novel so I could keep up. Saying that right now doesn’t even convince me to start working. :S

I’ve been snatched away at the fanlistings world, which explains my inactivity in returning comments and uploading my resources. Spank me! Haha. 😛 I honestly haven’t attended much in this site, and I feel sorry for Rawrbie. T__T I hope she doesn’t get mad at me. D: Yes, my baby’s a girl. XD

If worst comes to worst, and I only have to choose 2 domains among my 5, I’d choose this and my fanlisting collective. *loves* One reason is the money that I need to renew all those, plus I’m too lazy to manage all 5 sites. Oops. :S

I’ve been looking at drawings, illustrations and vector arts lately and they really inspire me a lot. I don’t know how to draw though, but if you could teach me, I’d be forever grateful to you. Do you know how to draw? ~_^

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  1. Hi dear!! Still loving your layout! hahaa

    I know what you mean! I have to study electronics because I don’t understand it but then… XD XD CRAP i’m just not in the mood! Can’t updated that much too because of homework and have frigging lots of things to do. YIKEZ.

    I think that you could find a lot of tutorials in deviantart. Or bug a friend XD i always bug my friend XD

  2. yey! I just like your theme sis! so fab :]
    Well, preha tayo I lack in Time MAnagement nahihila kasi ako ng computer eh naiistuck pwet ko sa upuan haha
    goodluck sis ah! so till here, 😀
    new post at my blog pala 😀

  3. The layout is uber beautiful. The colours are so pretty! 🙂 coding
    is amazing.
    I’m so sorry that your all busy and that. I’ve missed you so much, our conversations are like the best haha.
    Rawrbie is a legend! Seriously tbh, one of my favourite
    sites I go on. It’s on my favourites too haha. 🙂
    wth is a fanlisiting..? I don’t get it lmfao.
    I can’t draw but my dad can and he gave me the advice: Draw what you can see not what you think you can see. 🙂 hope that kinda helped.

  4. I love your new theme. It’s oh so lovely and unique.

    I think I’m not so good at managing my time either. I’m always talking about how I’m bored and there’s nothing for me to do but really I have loads of things to do, they’re just not things that I want to do. I am a BIG procrastinator and it’s such a bad habit.

    I’m so glad we’ve taken our midterms already. After this week though I wish finals would hurry up and get here and then SUMMMER. I’m ready for highschool to be over already!

    Drawing, not really my thing. I can look at a picture and draw it but I can’t just draw something off the top of the dome.

  5. Hey Senyth,
    Aaw, yeah I really feel like giving up at those times too. *SPANK SPANK* for asking for a spank 😛 And wow how many domains and fanlistings do you have now? I better go and check some out! Before I go though, it’s reeally important that you change my link within this week. My old host will stop redirecting Integrity to Love Scribbles, my new domain. So please please please change it like reeeally really soon.
    Bye, Rikki.

  6. Oh and I almost forgot! How do you get the next page previous page thing? For some reason after I had to re-do my whole layout file if I don’t trash the post after I make a new post they appear underneath one another. Like for example,


    Instead of:
    < Previous

    Do you have any idea why that happens and how to fix it?

  7. Aw, I know that blogging less frequently is the reasonable thing to do, but it makes me miss my best online friends. Although it seems almost pathetic and as though it shouldn’t be so, a lot of my online friends are better (at being friends) than my real-life friends. :/

    This layout is so lovely! :I can’t see whatever’s at the top (slow internet, impatient), but it’s gorgeous, anyway. 🙂

    Oh wait, it loaded! It’s fabulous. 😀

    Oh god, I wouldn’t be able to read 300 pages of something dull. Well, actually… how long do/did you have to read it? Spaces out properly, I guess it could be okay… but it’s hard to do that.

    You have FIVE sites? Good lord! What do you do with them all? I can’t fathom having more than two, and I think that even that would be too hard.

    I wish I knew how to draw! I can picture these AMAZING things in my mind, but I can’t take a closer look. Like, I get a small glimpse and that’s it. And I can’t draw because I can’t look at it closer, and also because I can’t draw anyway. It makes me sad, because I really want to draw chibi characters. I tried, but they turned out really poorly. I should probably keep trying, but again… I’m impatient. 😛

  8. Hi Senyth! Sorry for not talking to you for a while. 🙁 You know I’m bad at returning comments because I procrastinate a lot XD Hope I won’t repeat this mistake again.

    I always love your site layout! This one is pretty as usual 😀

    Aw I’m bad at time management too 🙁 I’m not very organized. I can’t even divide my time to return comments and update my sites. And to make things even worse, I’m a huge procrastinator.

    Anyway, good luck to your midterms! 🙂

    Whoa I also have 5 sites and I rarely update them. LOL I’m lazy xD

  9. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time – I found with time management when you focus on the most important tasks that needs to be completed as soon as possible (if when boring) will make you feel LESS STRESSFUL once completed as you know at the end of the day you have taken care of one of the tasks that was HIGH UP on your TO DO LIST…which will be an ease of mind for you.

    The new site look is very awesome…luvin it!!! Awe money and your beloved precious sites – is worst when you are jobless and completly flat broke with not a cent to your name and no source of funding…I almost lost all of my sites when I was in such a situation but luckily I found a job which was a short term job assignment and despite it being a short term job assignment – it was enough to get me back on unemployment which helps me out a great deal.

    Best of luck in finding someone to help you learn graphics and illustrations – that be awesome. I love graphics but I would make a horrid teacher.

    Take care hun!

  10. Lovely layout :D! There`s times when people are busy. But I`m sure you`ll find time :D! Anyone can draw :O! Just try over& over& you`ll get it 😉 Enjoy!

  11. I love the new theme you put up. The Christmas one was pretty nice as well. 🙂 Great job!

    I have the worst time management skills ever. For the things I have to do myself, I procrastinate, but when I do stuff for others…I get to it mostly right away.

    But plan a schedule for it and you might be able to meet and have good time management skills! 🙂

    Good luck!

  12. SENYTH! Hi 🙂

    I really love your new layout. Your layouts are always so epic, you know? The header illustration to the stylesheet. Gotta love your layouts 🙂

    Time management. It’s one of the hardest things to master. I think that all you need is some motivation 🙂 I don’t know how you can get motivation but once you get your hands on it, you just shoot ahead. Hmm, I must find something to inspire you >_>

    Good luck with everything! I hope you do well in your midterms. Surprisingly, I like to read school books. Except math ones because there are only numbers and numbers give me a headache.

    Ooh, Fanlistings 😉 Sounds exciting. Fanlistings must be very fun to make. I would love to make fanlistings for things. But I suck at owning my current website so how could I possibly deal with Fanlistings?

    I always knew Rawrbie was a girl!

    I know how to draw but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it, you know? I really want illustrator (although I could use the pen tool in photosop) and I might be able to get it off my uncle but I’m not too sure. I don’t know how to do vectors. I have made some in the past but the results were ugh.

    In fact, I was looking up some vector tutorials the other day but I was lagging like hell so I couldn’t do much.

    Okay. I’m returning your comment from December 25th so you probably don’t even remember what you said D:

    LOL. Well you’re right.
    It’s been like, what, a month since I made that to do list and I’ve accomplished nothing. This proves that lists only result in disappointment.

    Oh, trust me. I’ve tried excercising daily XD But I walk everywhere because I don’t have a car (unless I catch a bus or hitch a ride with a relative) and because I am on holidays, I take advantage of it. Meaning I just laze around all day XD Other wise I eat back my burnt calories.

    Meh, I don’t mind being a bit tan. I already am (seriously, I live in Australia – it’s inevitable) but all I want is to be even. Like I said in a previous blog, my knees and elbow are unnaturally dark and it creeps me out a bit. Oh well 🙂 I put cocoa butter on them to help but I don’t know if it’ll work.

    ahh, I must go and return my other comments. You have a nice day!

  13. Ahhh really, you’ll be blog buddies with me? *w* Thanks! I’ll link you up nowww (sorry for the late reply ! ) wow I seriously like the new layout! It’s awesome! I love the colors, everything fits together so perfectly. well done!

    AHHH! Catch up~ X_X I know what you mean though. When I was in high school I was all about really bad time management skills and I would complain about my teachers but it was all my fault XD I know it’s hard focusing (trust me, I have like ADD AHHH) but you got to WANT to do it. it’s hard…you have to fool yourself into liking it…but it works. When I started off my 1st college semester, it was hard breaking into a ‘good’ habit, so when I would lose focus, I would write a list of what I am thankful for. For example, I would write my friends, family, my health, my computer, LOL just anything. It would remind me what I am working hard for in school and motivate me…yeah I’m weird but it works, seriously. You should try it out! good luck!

    haha awww you’re so devoted to your sites! XD I’m so lazy…I suck! My fanlistings are gathering dust along with my domain. BOOO.

    I’m not that good at drawing. I’m *okay* I guess but not good. LOL

  14. I love your new layout.. and i’ve seen the christmas layie too when i last visited your blog last year.. Goodluck on your midterms.. ours was last week.. lol im having probs with time mgt too.. you’ve got 5 domains? wow.. it must be hard to handle those.. I only know how to design clothes and draw them, other than that, idk anymore

  15. Hello Senyth! I havent been here in a while. Didnt know it was up already because the last time I visited, it was on maintenance mode. 😀

    Wee! The layout is very nice. This the one you submitted to me, right? It looks super nice and vinatage-y here. =P

    I am no good in time management as well. I’m a big procrastinator. Just like you, it’s either I do less/not so important things or do nothing at all. HAHA. Sadly, we’re already working on our thesis so the burden on my shoulders is heavier. 😐 This sucks. 😐

    I have 4 domains. 1 for my official blog, 1 for my hosting site, 1 for my Project 365 and 1 for my random blog. It’s really hard to manage both my official and random blog so I’m thinking of giving away the random one. I already offered it to my blog idol (haha) who doesnt have a domain. If she declines, I’d give it to somebody else. 😀

    I CAN’T DRAW. But I wish I could. 🙂

    How are you?:)

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