I really looked like an idiot yesterday. T___T

I’ll list all my stupidities and the fruits of my clumsiness. LOL

1. I stumbled in the jeepney that I was riding.

2. I kept on twirling the doorknob aggressively because I wanted to go inside the Laboratory so I can evaluate our teachers right away not knowing that there’s someone inside the room who opened it immediately.

3. I was caught lying. What a shame.

4. I forgot to explain to my classmates what Networking was all about.

5. I made them go with me with no reasons at all >.>

6. I turned down my ex-crush. LOL. But he was so persistent. I don’t like it all.

But the most embarrassing of all is that they were all ready to go to the orientation of that “Networking” when I told them it’s not about computers, that it’s a different kind of networking, far different from what they expected. I had already predicted their reaction. Disappointment. Dismay. Anger? And at that time I really wanted the ground to open and swallow me up and never spit me out again. T___T

That’s all folks! Hehehehe. 😛

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