Breakin’ At The Cracks

Summer’s ending for me. Come this 15th of June and I’ll be saying “Hello!” to my classmates and teachers once again. I actually finished my OJT last May 31, so I’m happy about it. 🙂

I didn’t really have a summer to start with. I stayed in the company’s buillding the whole summer and while they had this Summer Outing, we were only their OJTs so we’re not included. How sad, right? Haha. I wasn’t able to go to the beach and it really sucks. 🙁

I’m not ready for the classes yet, though I have been officially enrolled. 😛 I’m a regular student and apparently, I’m on a block. Block A FTW! 😛 The funny thing is during enrollment, I was late and when I got to school, my classmates we’re lining up on the cashier to pay the down payment. And when we went to school again to print our study load, they lined for me and when I arrived, it was our turn for the printing. It’s like they enrolled me. I wished I didn’t come, LOL, but that would make them mad or something. Haha. 😛

I feel better now, if you’ve read my emotional post before this one. 🙂

I wasn’t blogging as much and haven’t changed the layout for 5 or so months. :O I’ve already made the design for Rawrbie, so all is left is for me to code it. ~_^ I really really want to give this one a pretty face lift but I’ve been busy. If I’m not busy, and it still took me a while, then that means I’ve been conquered by procrastination.

I know I’m rambling random things but my mind isn’t really in a good condition. Hahaha.

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  1. I love marking up layouts, but can’t come up with a design! How about I code yours, and you design mine. 😉 (Totally kidding.)

    My summer hasn’t even started yet–and actually, even when break does, the weather still won’t be summery! It’s been raining for about three months straight, and even though it does rain a lot in the Northwest US, this is unseasonable. My dad’s tomato plants and other plants are actually dying because there’s been too much rain and hardly any sun. :/

  2. lovely site, its really cute!
    the colours are just so cute i want to die!
    your header is INCREDIBLE!
    i wish i could make stuff like that!

    i love the coding on the navigation too!! 😀

    from greg xx
    p.s. you dont know me so sorry if i sound weird! haha

  3. I could never going to school during June, you go back before I get out, haha. But that’s the glory of web designing, so many people, so many different things (: Hope you do well this school year though (:

  4. It’s okay, I ramble a lot too. Haha! Days before classes started, I also felt the same way. But it always turns out to be very fun so relax! 🙂 Oh yeah, it does make you busy though.

  5. That sucks that you couldn’t go to the beach during summer.

    There’s no need to change your layout that often. I change mine like once every year lol. I don’t blog much either, maybe once a week. Sometimes I can’t think of anything to blog about, sometimes I’m just lazy haha.

  6. Summer’s ending for you?! :O Mine has just begun! But, then again, I also live in Las Vegas 🙂 So the times for our summers might be a bit different.

    At the moment, I can’t even think about classes… so knowing you have to think about classes… ah 🙂 I’m glad I have 3 more months of one mushy brain 😛

    Even though I haven’t read your previous post about your emotional past, it’s good you’re doing better 🙂 Emotional turmoil is not fun… not fun at all…

    – Katarina 🙂

  7. Back to school already? Psh, goodluck with that. ThankGOD I have like 2 months left. Really my summer hasn’t really started because I haven’t done anything that I planned on doing, hopefully things will fall into place soon /:

    I can’t wait to see you new layout. Yours are always good 🙂

  8. I haven’t blogged that much either, I blog more on my Livejournal, lol.

    Have fun back at school!! It’s the start of summer vacation over here, so it’s weird to see some people’s vacations ending :(.

    Then again I don’t have a summer vacation anymore since I graduated from college, haha.

  9. Ok so something’s really wrong with my computer since I’ve been trying to access your site for weeks and i can’t! So sorry if I’m going to have some spelling mistakes in this message since I’m doing this on my iPod touch. Anyways, I can’t wait for summer here ? since its only one week away. And I’m graduating which is all nerve wracking. But I still need to study for my exams which is tomorrow and next week. Grrrr. At least I only have three. Hehehe. I miss going to school in the Philippines and the heat too!! I wish I could go back sometime soon.

    Oh yeah what’s your facebook account? I’m going to add you.

  10. Summer is just beginning for me. I have over 2 months off and then I will be starting a brand new stage in my life, college!

    It’s good that you are looking forward to going back to school. I guess if you have been working all summer then it will make a nice change.

  11. During my OJT, I just cheated.. LOL I didnt have one at all.. my dad just fixed everything for me including the pictures and stuff.. Then, the only time i went to the office was for the picture taking thing.. LOL

    blogging can be so lazy.. I havent changed my layout too for like 5 months.. haha

    Goodluck with school

  12. Lucky you got to do OJT, but isn’t it hard? I hear stories about seniors being a little harsh to their jouniers and such +_+

    Yeah, block Awesome FTW 😉

    I’m glad you feel better. I hope your mood sky rockets up for a very long time and that school kicks off well for you. Best of luck <3

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