At A Loss For Words

I haven’t realized how true the saying “Furtherest from us is not the moon or stars, but time passed” was until I realized how much I’ve lost because of doing nothing and killing time. >__< Nowadays, I felt like time is always chasing me. I think it has always been like that, though I want so badly to chase time if that’s even possible? Haha.

I really really want to improve my web designing and there are tons of things I still have to learn that I don’t know where to start and end up doing nothing. Again. *FAIL*

But aside from that, I have 3 major subjects right now and have to focus on them, instead of having my mind wander over useless things, like ‘Why was our group assigned to MUSICAL genre for our Video production for our Finals in IT 168?’. What’s done is done. And even if I whine all month about it, it isn’t going to change anything because our instructor wouldn’t let us change genre. Oh, well, in life you just have to accept things even if you’re against it because there are things you are powerless with.

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