Anticipation and Emptiness, Eh?

This week had been crazy. I have had lots of exams that I took and most of them involved memorizing which drove me partly insane. I only had a little amount of time to decipher all the information and I don’t even have a break at school for me to review. I had a system overflow and all things that I’ve read are almost overloading in my brain. I’m kind of confident about the exams except for one: Accounting! Of all things that I can forget, it is how to post a ledger, which played a major part in the test. Dummy! I’m sure I’d fail in that test, but I’ve decided to make it up in the Finals.

Speaking of overflowing and overloading, it was raining cats and dogs yesterday which is probably why our internet connection was so slow. Can you imagin waiting for 5 minutes just to load a page? It really frustrated me that I decided to go to bed and slept for straight 12 hours. Ah, the luxury of time and sleep feels like heaven. *_*

I’ve been poured down with bad luck yesterday especially when I got home and found that my pet cat was missing. 🙁 He was actually sick–his temparature was higher than usual and he has a cough. He disappeared just when we decided to go see a veterenarian. I would’ve blamed myself for not letting him see a vet because these last few days I go home late due to school stuffs which I couldn’t put down. I felt really down and about to cry when I still couldn’t find him even after 4 hours of looking around the house and the neighborhood.

Luckily at dinner, we found him sitting on our porch. He vomitted and it was kind of orange and sticky–and it smelled bad. And the worst thing, it had some ascaris in it! :O So today we’re going to send him to a clinic so we’ll know why he’s sick and hopefully he’ll get better soon. Wish us luck!

I noticed I’ve been a bit moody lately; Perhaps it’s because I always get my hands full and barely don’t have time to relax. I don’t have classes for 2 days because I’ve taken all my exams last Tuesday and Wednesday. Yay! I’ll be slowly returning comments now because of this dumb speed of our connection. -.-”

Edit: I changed the layout because I got bored of it and it was really messy for my taste. I actually like this one but my only complain is the navigation. Gah! I incurred a severe headache in searching for web navigation icons that would fit this design and making the code work with WordPress, so to savor my efforts I don’t want to get rid of it. LOL. But I’ll change the icons when I find some cool ones, because those look really basic. 😛 Or when someone would offer to make for me. *poke poke* I have added some pages, though there are some that I haven’t finished yet. How’s the new look, guys? 😛

I’ll be doing an Affiliate Cleanout probably next week. To be honest, I don’t like those who don’t read my blog, let alone who don’t even keep in touch with me. So if you haven’t kept in contact for almost a month now, you’re in danger of getting deleted. Sorry. 🙁

28 thoughts on “Anticipation and Emptiness, Eh?”

  1. Aww, sorry about the your pet cat. I hope is alright (: Sorry about the exams and school, school is shit I know. I hope you can find time to relax !!
    And of course I missed you hun cause your one of my closest friends hun! Loves <3

  2. Hope your cat gets well!

    I actually love the navigation you have on your new layout 🙂 How did you do it?

    One thing I thought you might want to know though, is that the blog subject header and the filed under/comments headers overlap and make it hard to read them. Also, the footer&header isn’t in alignment with the content…

    But the layout is very pretty 🙂

    You can’t comment on my site because I still haven’t figured out fanupdate 🙁 Once I do I’ll definitely let you know.

  3. Haha yeah I am worried shitless about the shipping; I just hope all goes well hahha.

    Yeah it’s really weird. It has too much cheese, I can tell you that! They have hot chips and Western food; it’s a bit strange to me.

    I like my mum’s spaghetti. 😀

    Yeah; we’ve been together for 1 and a half years. 🙂 We were friends before dating though; looks like we’ll be together for a looooong time. :3

    Haha woo!

    This layout is a bit off in my browser… maybe I need to refresh or something, but the sidebar is appearing in the content part and not setting on the right. :S

    I hope you did well in the exams! My least favourite subject was probably biology; so much remembering and memorising to do. :@

    I’m sorry about your cat! At least you found him in the end. I would have been devastated. It reminds me of when James’s dog ran away in a storm and he spent days looking for her. Someone found her and gave her to the vet so he got her back. :’)

    I hope your cat gets better though. 🙂

    LOL I suck at making icons. I apologise. I hope your internet gets better too; slow internet is such a bitch. D:

  4. My old computer took about half an hour to load. So i could do the house cleaning while i waited. Very frustrating.

    Sorry about your cat :hug:

    My cats my best friend.

  5. Aww. I haven’t looked at it, but are you sure you’re putting the sidebar div right? And everything should be in a big div (container) that’s the width of the layout. 🙂

    Aww thank you. 😀

    Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. T_T And it totally isn’t about the money either. You had emotional attachment to him. I’m so sorry.

    Hahha. 1.9kbps… reminds me of the old dial up days. D: I heard about the tsunami I think, or at least some shakes in the earth. All the news reporters here don’t give a shit; they only care that “there are no warnings for Australia”. lmfao.

    Hahah guys that are high and mighty. GRRRR. Arrogant bastards.

    Yep, James is Chinese. XD

  6. I didn’t know your cat died. I thought he was just sick. I cried for weeks after my last two cats dies. The one i have now gets a smack if she goes near the road.

  7. Yeah, I’ve been sleeping a LITTLE bit better. Haha. I’ve been going to bed at like 2 and waking up at 10 or so. 😛

    That sucks about your Accounting test, haha. I’ll be taking Accounting in my next semester, I think. I know that it’s required, I’m just not sure when I’ll be having to take it.

    Aww, sorry to hear about your cat. 🙁

    And I really really love the new layout. 😀
    I especially like the navigation.

    Oh, and I’m adding your link to my page now.

  8. First of all, this is the cutest layout eveeerrr! I love, love, love it!

    Awww, exaamms. That sucks! Don’t worry, you’re going to do great! I have faith in you :love:

    I’m glad you found your cat, hope he feels better soon.
    About feeling moody, I can totally relate to that. I’m sure that once exams are over, you’ll be okay! 🙂

  9. My last two kittens dies as well. Satan got hit by a car and Felix had his tummy torn out. I took him to the vets and the vet said you have two choices. Either put Felix down or pay $2,000 for surgery which will probably rip again after and cause pain forever. I had to make the decision to kill him and when i said “yea okay then” he looked at me. It was the hardest thing i ever did. I didn’t even say good bye; i ran out of there crying. regrat that although i don’t know how much pain he would have for the rest of his life i payed the $2,000 and the vet said it was best to kill him.

    Aw; listen to me “bla bla bla” haha 8D

    My cats are my baby’s.

  10. Your not a horrible pet owner. This happens. cats are fragile and like to explore so there more vulnerable for losing there 9 lives . The other day i found my cat on the corner of the road like a hooker lol.
    I don’t let her out side at night because I’m scared she could get bitten or raped by another kitty and maybe have aids.

    some people don’t understand how funny characters they can have and how smart they are. Except my cat some times; ‘Princess’. Today my bf was watching the documentary Chanel and my cat went up to the TV and slapped the lion cub. Then when the big lion came up she fluffed her tail, like cats do when there scared.

    Any way ill stop hogging your comment system. I love your website, i don’t think iv mentioned that yet.

    feel better soon.

  11. Oh! The layout looks normal now! LOL. That’s good. The sidebar is in the right place and everything. Sorry I didn’t reply straight away either; it was like nighttime here and I wanted to sleep. 😛

    Aww. 🙁 Kya is trying to upgrade the forum but it’s taking a while so that’s why. I haven’t caught up over there.

  12. Hello, I’m so sorry for not replying earlier! I was practising for two major math exams and two competition exams. Sorry! And wow, you’ve had a rough week. Exams, cat going missing, and all. And I thought I was busy. Lol, I love the new layout very very much! It’s so awesome! 🙂

  13. LOL shit, I accidentally pressed the button before I was done.

    Yeah, dialup was horrible. It took me three days to download a single song. Not three days straight but three days of use, if you know what I mean.

    Haha yep!

    They talk pretty fast when I hear people in public. LOL.


    Haha my friend got approved to make one for me. Don’t know if you approve a relationship like that at TFL… lol.

  14. Hhaha well at least you got it sorted. 😀 Looks a lot better now! *dance*

    Oh, I would pause my download and resume it; I used Limewire (which got me a lot of viruses, ugh).

    We had shitty internet which disconnected after four hours, and I hated it so much. I would be in the middle of talking to someone on MSN or downloading something and all of a sudden it cuts off.

    Hahaha yep; I know ‘wo ai ni’. I think it’s hilarious how when people tell you about their language they almost always tell you about the swear words.

    Oh, she hasn’t opened the fanlisting yet… grr. XD but I’ll give you a link haha.

    Well, you must apply for your first one. People are always applying so apply for a song or something! They give you four weeks to make it and all. :3

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