And… It’s Labor Day

I am here at the mall(or rather, was in the mall when I wrote this), waiting as my friend gets a haircut. We don’t have work due to a holiday, which is quite ironic since it’s Labor Day and we celebrate it by having no work. LOL. Anyway, I just realized that I have been quite negative and ill-tempered for the past few months.

I’ve been meaning to blog, but held that thought off because more people — including those who know me in real life — have discovered my blog and I was worried that they might judge me or make fun of my grammar or something. It came to a point that I didn’t even want to post a status on Facebook to write what I thought, which is pretty crazy, pointless and simply paranoid.

Now, I’ve come to a conclusion that it doesn’t really matter if they judge you for irrelevant reasons. It’s my blog and Facebook so I can write whatever I want. :p It’s fine as long as I don’t man harm to anyone. Or gossip or rant, in which case if I do, I set my post to protected or private. Mwahahaha.

I don’t really express my thoughts that much, but I can say I’m pretty good at exprezssing them through blogging. And it’s kind of like a therapy for me; it does calm me and gives me relief, which I’m certain a lot of bloggers can relate to.

Anyway, today was a relaxing day. I caught up with one of my closest friends in College and I spent most of my evening watching baking videos in Youtube. I am going to bake a new recipe soon, which includes cream cheese. That’s a hint. 😉

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