And I wonder If I Ever Cross Your Mind

I just had my last exam for this year, and it was Software Engineering II. Our teacher didn’t give us a Saturday-exam-free as a Christmas gift. LOL. It was our first exam for the semester though. So I guess he wants to discuss a new topic next year. Saying next year actually sounds quite long, but if you say this January, you’ll think that it’s just two weeks away. Haha.

My handwriting in Nihongo

Anyway, I’ve been learning Nihongo since last month, not because I’m that interested in it, but because it’s one of the free electives that we have to take. Haha. So far so good and exams will greet us as soon as classes resume next year. I can understand and speak a bit of Japanese already, as well as read Hiragana characters. ~_^ I have yet to learn Katakana. πŸ™‚

Our matching cellphones :)

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I finally went to buy the E63 that we planned since July/August. Yay! My mom went with us so we could get a discount. ^_^ We only bought it for P8,550.00 where it’s normally priced at P9,090.00. I’m so happy with my phone. I’m so glad there’s still a stock for the white one since I’m in love with its color. Haha. And yep, obviously, my boyfriend’s E63 is black. <3 Bluetooth dongle

I bought this little device yesterday as well, because the USB cable isn’t included in the E63 package. I hate dealing with wires so I opted for this one. The downside is that I can only send one file at a time from my cellphone to my computer. I sort of regret buying it when I could have just bought a micro SD adaptor since my laptop has a card reader. Bad move. But I’m trying to find a way to make this work to my advantage. I was annoyed at the sales lady who gave me the red one when I wanted the black one and she kept on saying it wasn’t compatible with Windows 7 just because the sticker wasn’t there. WTF?

Anyway, my boyfriend and I went shopping this afternoon. LOL. We bought each other early Christmas gifts and he gave me two pairs of footwear. Yay! I got him two shirts as well. πŸ™‚ We had lunch at Sbarro, my favorite Italian restaurant, which stuffed my tummy and made me feel so bloated. Haha. x3

I’m just so glad that classes are temporarily over, though I won’t be that free in this short break as we have to make our Software Engineering project. I’ll be making a new theme for Rawrbie. I just hope I procrastination won’t hostage me so it’ll be up next week. πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “And I wonder If I Ever Cross Your Mind”

  1. Okay. I just died. I want the white one, too! I have my E63 in black (sisters na tayo talaga! ΓΌ) because there was no stock sa white. I HATE YOUUU :\ HAHAH.

  2. P.S. (super P.S. kasi nakahiwalay pa to :p)

    “my boyfriend” — awww. I miss saying that. HAHAHA. Bitter ako? :)) I’m happy for you and strawberry πŸ˜‰

  3. yeah it’s hard to believe that 2010 passed by so fast :O!

    congrats on the japanese! i have absolutely no idea how to read japanese so you should pat yourself in the back!

    cute phones and awwww about you and your boyfriend! you gyus are so cute!

    that’s an interesting usb…o.o i dont think i have ever seen it in my life!

    happy holidays! :]

  4. Ahh I want to learn Japanese but I’m going to try learning French first. The phones are awesome, they remind me of Blackberries and I have one. Do they have Sbarro’s everywhere? They have it in New York, in Russia. I’m not sure where you are though haha.

  5. That’s so cool that you are learning Japanese!! I have always wanted to learn Japanese. I only know a few random stuff from watching a lot of anime and doing research online but I want to formally learn. I was thinking of maybe taking a class in college when it’s time to take a free elective.

    Love that phone!! My boyfriend and I used to have the Nokia E71 which I guess are pretty much the same at the E63 LOL I also had the white one and my boyfriend had the black one (I guess the boys always like the black LOL).

  6. ahhh hiragana and katakana made me suicidal as a kid. don’t get me started on kanji. your handwriting is very cute and girly. lol >_< that nokia is really pretty and different. happy holidays!!! ^_^

  7. I’m glad finals are over for me also. I’m actually ready to go back to school now though. Hopefully I’ll have some new classes.

    I remember when you blogged about the E63. I’m glad you finally got it. I wish I had a boyfriend so we could get matching phones and exchange early Christmas gifts /:

    I have a bit of homework I need to do but procrastination has got the best of me.

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