Your folded pale wings are just a little tired from the overly blue sky. It’s alright to smile for yourself, not for anyone else anymore

Loneliness continues to creep up on me, a candle alight on the inside. Such a gorgeous chandelier shouldn’t be at a crowded party, like this one. Why should I bury it all in the emptiness of words that are lacking?. I don’t know anymore.

As long as we can swim freely in our dreams, we don’t need the sky anymore. Even if I can’t paint over everything that happened up until yesterday, I’ll still come out to meet you tomorrow.

Inferiority complexes and reconciliations aren’t things that will come true so easily. The mirror that remains at the top of self-consciousness reflects flower petals. It looks like my voice is strained from trying to cry out with an impure love. It’s irritating.

In these changing times, wounds will soon turn into scabs. Without waiting for that to happens, you’re so beautiful, and so fleeting…

Prayers shiver in the sun, like traces of down that have come loose. It’s alright to not think about loving someone as being too much for you right now

Sometimes this world is a little bit too dazzling to walk looking upward in. When you cast your eyes down, as though sinking, the dry ground slurps up your tears

Why do we feel so alone anytime?. You don’t have to take on everything. Why do we feel so alone anytime?. Just putting up with it isn’t courage

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