All This Time

“Something had to break
But to just end it all like this
Would be the worst mistake
I know I don’t wanna live without you
I know exactly what you mean to me
And I believe that inside, we still hold the key

I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love you
I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care
I wouldn’t waste your time or my time in a love that’s going nowhere”

My last post for January! Yipee! Final’s coming and it’ll be summer again. Bwahaha. And yes, I’m inspired by Berlinda’s song I Wouldn’t Be Here If I Didn’t Love You. Yeah, I know the title’s pretty long. @_@ Unlike my previous love posts, this isn’t directed to anyone in particular, which is unusual I admit. Haha. My father is sleeping with the radio in its full volume so I can hear the songs being played by the current station and they’re all about love. Gosh. I can already feel that February is really the love month. Hahaha. But those songs remind me of two guys, who both play a different role in my life.

Speaking of my father, he was telling me lately that he’s going to buy me a laptop if my grades are good. I don’t know whether it’s true or it only serves as a bait for me to study. If it’s the latter, well, it’s working because I’m already motivated. LOL.

We were making our Database project last Friday and I realized that PHP and MySQL are a well-matched couple. And I even came up with a corny pick-up line: We’re like PHP and MySQL. We’re inseparable. Bwahaha. We haven’t finished half of the project and the deadline’s slowly arriving. @_@

All this time, I knew someday you’d need to find something that you left behind, something I can’t give you.

15 thoughts on “All This Time”

  1. Lucky you ! My parents promised me a laptop for YEARS. It took them 6 years to get me a laptop. But as long as I got one, I`ll be satisfied ;D! I believe I did good ;D! I refer USC to University of Southern California. ;D

  2. Good Song!!!! You guys are so lucky to be having summer in Febuary – I TOTALLY ENVY YOU!!!! *LOL*

    You should hold ya dad to his word – *LOL* Come end of school year when you get ya final school year grades and all good grades be like, “Dad! What up with my new laptop that you been promising me all year for good grades?!” *LOL*

    Yah, PHP and mySQL does work well together – has to or else scripts that use and require them would not work as they should! And those are the best kinda scripts out there!

    Best of luck in ya studies hun!

  3. HAHA. Sometimes, I love sleeping with the radio in full blast but sometimes, I don’t. It’s hard for me to sleep. LOL. I guess it just depends on my mood 😛

    Yeah, my dad says that he’s going to buy me a laptop once I get to university because he said I’m going to need one. But I don’t know if its actually going to happen since my mom is against it. “There’s still a working computer. Why do you need a laptop?” GRRR. Well, I certainly need one because my brother’s going to be using the computer too for his essays and stuff. I’m just waiting…

    I downloaded Opera.. but somehow, it didn’t work? I don’t know. I’ll try downloading it again. I want to download basically all working browsers to see for sure how my site looks in each one of them.

  4. Gah, you just reminded me. Tomorrow marks the first day of Feb. then 13 days later..Valentine’s Day. I wonder what will happen between now and then for me. Probably nothing special.

    My mom told me that if I ran track for 2 years straight she’ll buy me a car. I didn’t even try because I knew she was lying…parents, smh.

    If you knew had the things me and my mom go through you’d probably be in awe. I don’t really talk to my mom at all unless I absolutely have to..

    I hope I get discovered and become a model forreal. Make more people jealous! Bwahahaha, that would be so cool. For now, my services are free but who knows what the future will hold.

    I’m refuse to download anymore movies on this computer because this computer has really been acting up. I can’t wait until I get my new phone, I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll be getting and not the iPhone, either way I’ll be satisfied because that computer comes with a Webcam..that way I’ll be able to do video chats and stuff with my friends!

  5. Loving the lyrics. Will download the song… Downloaded and LOVING IT! ?

    I hope your dad will really get you a laptop. HAHA 😀

    A database project? We did that before but now we’re working on our thesis already. 😐 We’re using MS Access for the database and Visual Basic for the interface. 🙂

  6. Haha I always hear love songs so I guess am not affected by the love month XD hahaa

    Ooh yeah motivator! Man mum used to that all the time to us as kids, except it would be toys… not laptop XD hahaa

    I can’t wait to use MySQL, I hope that we can use them sometime too 😀

  7. Java? OMG! Haha. I really wanted to stay away from Java Prog so I used VB instead. It’s a lot easier. I need not to write a code for one single button to appear. LOL. The coding is lesser than Java. 😀

  8. Oh before I start this I just wanted to ask if you’re getting my comments? I remember leaving a comment about two blogs back and when I checked it I didn’t see it show up. I wonder if wordpress still considers me spam? 😛

    Yes the love songs have begun, just yesterday my friend told me she had a boyfriend and it was all lovely and sweet and then I realize I’m so far behind all my friends. I think a lot of people consider me a kid and they all say it would be weird if I did have a boyfriend or even someone I like *sigh*
    Hearing love songs made me think more than I should have. Ah I’m rambling -_-
    A laptop is great motivation for studying, it would be awesome if he got you it!
    I’m gonna tell my friend that pick up line, we’re nerdy like that and we try to find the most geeky pick up lines cause its funny xD

    And in response to your comment on my blog, yea what she said can be taken literally but it was meant for a boy who was complaining about a lot of things in our school and all the things he has to do. She meant it as he isn’t being force to anything, its what he chose to do so he shouldn’t make it seem as if someone is forcing everything on him.
    I see it in the sense that this is what I chose to do, no one force me to pick this path and the only thing we can be sure of in life is that we’re going to die someway; death is really the only thing we must do. Its something that has already been decided then.

    My fear is forever being scared to follow my dreams but I won’t let that happen! *throws fist in the air and beams of positivity burst forward* xD

  9. But I can still sleep with music on when I’m reall really tired. Then I don’t wake up until noon. Which is really good for me. And it’s also good for some school days too.

    Lol. My mom’s the banker in the family too. She’s always like “why are you buying that? You don’t need it.” wel I admit that there are some times when I just buy things I don’t need… So I guess she’s right… Sometimes haha

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