Age Is Nothing But A Mere Number

I’m pretty excited for today! It’s my friend’s, Clarraine, birthday, and we’ll be staying overnight at her house. She just turned 18 today, and I made this for here. I don’t think it’s quite good, but that’s my first ever illustration. I tried my best, but that’s all I ended up with. :haha What do you think? You can greet her at her site, if you want. 😛

Probably the thought that really thrilled me was that it would be my first time sleeping over at a friend’s house. My parents were really protective of me when I was young, and even until now, they’d get mad at me if I got home at 9 pm or so, without telling them beforehand that I’d get home late.

When I was in High School, I couldn’t join my classmates when they go to pools and beaches because I’m not allowed to. Last year, my friend, Budyot, celebrated her 18th birthday at a pool and I was afraid my parents wouldn’t allow me to attend it, and surprisingly, they did. It was really fun and I loved it.

I lived a sheltered life but I’m glad now that they aren’t that tight anymore. Perhaps, they felt that I’m mature enough and responsible for myself since I’ll be turning 20 next year, but that’s just what I thought. Maybe they saw something else. D; People say that being old doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re mature, and just because you are young doesn’t mean you’re not mature, and I believe that’s true.

I’m glad they didn’t consider me as a “baby” anymore. I still can’t believe I’m leaving my teens phase. XDD I’ll be on the Chapter 2 of my life soon. I wonder how it’s going to turn like. 🙂

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  1. 😛 Happy birthday to your friend !

    Yeah, my parents are pretty strict. I live in Las Vegas, and for my coming-up birthday I want it on the Strip 🙂 . I know that’s a lot to ask of them, but just a movie and a limo…lol xD

    I highly recommend sledding down a staircase when you’re bored. 🙂 Just . . . don’t forget the pillows at the bottom 😉 .

    We never were together, lol. 🙂 But…I do hope we end up together . He’s a good guy…he just gets really ticked off sometimes .

    :haha Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is EXTREMELY funny. People are getting eatten by man-eating sea horses and crabs 😛 . It’s interesting. lol .

  2. The Strip is located in Las Vegas, where I live. Basically, it’s a hotspot for half-naked girls and nightclubs 😛 .

    Thanks for the luck, lmao .

    Umm, Ben something or other. Just look up Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. You’ll find it 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to your friend 😀 Wish her all the best!

    Aw I think all parents (mostly Asians) are like that, kinda protective. I have never slept over at my friend’s house too. Even I have a friend who has never hung out with her friends outside the school D: Her parents are way too protective!

  4. hey there ill try that, im glad ur parents havee put down there guard, im nearly 23 and my parents dont allow me to sleep at my boyfriends place. enjoy ur time at ur friends 18th

  5. Aww it’s a great movie. Put that somewhere first! I don’t have a long list but I have not seen many movies in my life so I’m willing to accept suggestions.

    I can’t wait! As a kid, it was all about the gifts. But as you grow older you realise it’s more about the love.

    That’s okay! I’m a Catholic. A few months ago I felt detached from God, though, not so close. I’ll admit I’m not a very devoted Catholic. But I follow the traditions. 🙂

    PROBABLY! But it was actually the other way around! She had to go somewhere so was absent one day. It was kind of shitty without her, because I didn’t get too much work done. I should be absent one day and see what happens. XD

    Google wave is new – you can chat with people and collaborate with text, images and other media. It is done in real-time so you can see exactly what the person types and when they type them – mistakes too. 😛

    You’re welcome! 🙂 It’s good to try new things though. ^^

    I RECKON. I wonder what the eff she’s gonna do now with the dog. She wouldn’t put the news on the site if she wasn’t going to do something. I’m angry.

    Happy birthday Clarraine! She has a beautiful name, by the way.

    I think you made her a beautiful gift as well. :3 It’s the thought that counts!

    My parents were a lot like yours. When I wanted to go out, often they just wouldn’t let me. They used to be really concerned and just strict.

    Sometimes they would worry when I was going somewhere, and make me call them when I had a break or something, and they wanted to know every detail. Thank goodness they don’t do that so much anymore. XP

    I’m only 18. But while I’m sort of “free” now, I can’t wait until I’m a lot older and I can do things like travel alone and stuff. 🙂 It’s scary but I have always wanted to travel – possibly with a friend though, haha.

    Age is just a number – I agree. 😛

  6. Hey 🙂

    I totally agree! You also meet most of you friends at school, so you might miss the opportunity to meet some really great peopple!

    Haha xD That sounds like good spend breaks! We aren’t allowed to leave school property so there is no way to go out to eat and stuff xD

    I usually try to do both and most of the time I am successful xD

    Hehe! That’s a really nice friend you have 🙂 I would’ve probably felt full too!

    Happy birthday to your friend!

    And yay that your parents allowed you to go to your friends birthday party 🙂

    I never really liked parents that were overprotective but if I look at my cousin how got pregnant at the age of 16 because her mum allowed her to do what ever she wanted since she was 13 – I think it’s good that some parents are protective. Most of the time it’s for the better.

    I guess they agree that you are old enough now to take care of yourself and not to get into any kind of trouble.

    And I agree that ome people are still very immature at our age and others are very mature when they are a lot younger!

  7. Have fun sleeping over! What a gorgeous gift you made her. I am sure she will adore it. 🙂

    You weren’t allowed to go to the beach or pool?! *gasp* Why in the world not??

    Thank you! I made the layout, but I got the smileys from Vicky at Audio Rush. I can’t make pretty enough smileys to go on my blog. xD Maybe some day…

    Same here! Thanks for the internet!!

    Hahahahah okay I will on the next blog or on an edit sometime. 🙂

    Awww you don’t? I love them haha.

    Ooooh think I know what you are talking about with the background. Like the container scrolls, but not the background?? 🙂 I hate IE. It’s slow and crashes so much. 🙁

  8. I think that’s a lovely illustration, and I’m sure your friend would love it ^_^

    I think that parents should just let their child free at some point of age, if he/she is trustworthy, that is ^.^

  9. Yay 😕 me too! haha, yeah it kinda of has served as motivation! you shall see when you visit, whole new layout! :stars
    Oh, you will have to hold on till another blog to find out the big news, I didn’t have the time last blog! :haha I am now a converted twilighter 😀 I haven’t seen new moon yet sadly 🙁 but I do also have the books! I started reading them, only on chp 5 so far but it’s a start since I normally don’t read :! I haven’t noticed the *red lips* haha! Yes, I think it is the whole Edward’s character that I’m crushing on, not his actual face, ha! Hope you have a great time at your friends! Wow, your parents sound very protective. I used to sleep out all the time, my friends always slept here, once I had 10 people sleep! lol, I’m only 16 now but that just shows how different people’s lifes can be, it’s quite fascinating! But glad you have some more freedom now your older!

  10. Ooh. Goodluck on going to the Chapter 2 of your life. It’s pretty excited, isn’t it?
    I’m still 17 and the only thing that I’m afraid to ask my parents is about guys and relationship, but everything else, like hanging out with friends they usually agree to it. It’s probably because they’ve known my friends since birth.

    Happy Birthday to your friend!

  11. actually, it is published 🙂 . the author is Ben h. winters . 😛 just look him up . it might not be available in other countries though :/ .

    haha, yeah xD . the Strip is a pretty dangerous place for anyone under 21. everyone’s getting tanked and crap . they have glasses filled with margarita mix as big as your arm. !!!!!

  12. Mm, hope you have fun at your friend’s birthday party! & How exciting — a first sleepover! (:

    My parents are overprotective, too, I guess, but she knows my friend’s parents so she let me sleep over. ;D But yeah, she probably wouldn’t let me go to the beach, unless she knew the parent that was going and if there weren’t any parents, I wouldn’t be able to go. :]

    But it’s just part of the love that they share with us. x] Ahah.

  13. That is me in the first picture. 😉

    A pair of contact lenses? Why? :S

    Ha, the envelope is better than anything I could do. That was nice of you to make it. 🙂

    I didn’t like sleeping over when I was a kid. My best friend purposely freaked me out, and once I cried and had my dad come pick me up at 10:00 at night. :/ Then, at another one, my head got stepped on… plus, I always (and still do) had this thing about NOT wanting to be the last person to fall asleep.

    I don’t mind now, though. My group of friends and I used to have coed sleepovers (not as dramatic as it sounds, lol; three guys (one gay, one dating me) to, like, seven or more girls XD), which were always really nice. I guess it helps to have my boyfriend sleeping by my side… if everyone else has fallen asleep, I can wake him up. XD Everyone usually stayed up hours later than me, though.

    1. @Carissa, I hope you don’t mind me replying here. Cutenews won’t let me post the comment, saying that URLs are not allowed in the comment, even if I don’t have any URL and even removed the link to my site. :S

      Here’s my comment:
      Waaah. That looks quite complicated. What happens if you had too much insulin intake? Or if you had less intake? It really looks like a bother to count how much carbs you had in order to take accurate insulin.

      I am really saddened how there isn’t still any cure for diabetes. I hope they find a cure for it, but over time it would consume your body. 🙁

      Awww. It’s good that you are reserved. Me, I sometimes regret my actions. I’m quite impulsive at times and do something without thinking. XD

      The pair of contact lenses was one of the prizes offered. It was given by a certain sponsor. 🙂

      Aww, thank you. It was really hard making it. XD At least I did it.

      1. @Senyth,

        Too much and my blood sugar will be low; too little and my blood sugar will be high. Counting the carbs can get really annoying, but I’m mostly used to it.

        Yeah, Cutenews likes to do that. I don’t know why. D:

        Diabetes is so obnoxious… I have to make doubly sure to have my eyes, mouth, etc. checked, and I’m more prone to… er… vaginal complications. And a billion other things. 🙁

        I’m glad I got notification of this reply in the e-mail, or else I never would have noticed. :O

  14. Age is definitely just a number. We can be immature all our lives. So maturity is a matter of choice and uhm, attitude. 🙂

    My mom started allowing me to go to sleepover my friends’ houses since I was 15 and night outs since I was 17. 😀 My parents are pretty cool because they’re young too. Both of them are only 39. It’s also cool how they understand that teenagers like myself want to try out stuffs. They just tell me that I’m responsible for my actions but if I get myself into trouble, I should let them know before everything gets worse.

    That’s a cute graphic gift, btw 🙂

  15. Ohh how exciting! Tell you friend I said a Happy Belated Birthday. XD I think your illustration is pretty good! For a first time anyways. =D Did you do it yourself or did you follow a gazillion tutorials like I probably would have done? XD

    I totally know what you mean; when I was growing up, my mom hardly ever let me do anything. 🙁 Whenever I get invited to something, I’m scared she’ll say no but, she usually says yes anything. When I get to the parties though, I’m always nervous because I have absolutely no idea what the heck I’m supposed to do?! XD My mom gets crazy though… whenever I go shopping with a friend or by myself, she always wants a contact number or something to reach me; then she wants me to call her back on the DOT. If I miss a call, I get grounded up to a month. Dx It’s getting better but, sooner or later she’s gonna have to let me go. >=[

  16. Tell your friend I said Happy Birthday! 🙂 It’s so cute! It’s the thought that counts though, right? 😉 :haha

    My parents are strict, too… But it’s mostly my dad. He sometimes doesn’t let me sleep over at my own cousin’s house :!

    Yep, that’s totally true. Age doesn’t make you anyless or more mature.

    Woo! *high five* I’m only becoming a teen. xD :haha

  17. My parents were strict then. No boyfriend until you turn 18 but I had one when I was 14 and we’re still together. Sneaking, yeah. Good thing we’re official now. And they approved him.

  18. Aww, I like your title 😀 I suddenly remembered Danny Gokey’s song!

    My parents still stick to me all the time but I don’t really mind it. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m the youngest. Lol.

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