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Our Acquiantance Party was held last Tuesday and surprisingly, the very next day my classmates were posting pictures all over Facebook and flooded them with comments. LOL. It was a very enjoyable night and not boring, compared to the previous parties. I’m quite proud of the stage design because we were the ones who made it. LOL! I’ve went home very late, like 12: 20 AM just because of it, for a few times already. Too bad I didn’t buy the dress I was talking about the previous blog, but I did find one that suit me.

I feel quite happy right now because my father will buy me a Western Digital Passport external hard drive with a capacity of 320GB. I would be happy with just a 250GB but the difference in price is only about 500 Pesos. If converted to US dollars, it’s $10 USD, more or less. 😛 I’m pretty exicted, yeah! I’ll be dozing off in a few minutes so I’ll probably dream of it until I get it. Haha. He also told me that he’d buy me a laptop if I get good grades. I’m so hoping I’ll be able to make it. 🙂

The only thing I didn’t like about this day is my Java class. I don’t like the class. I don’t like the environment at all. Period. 😐

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  1. – So what dress did you wear, then? Show me 🙂
    – I used to hate my Java class, too. But eventually, I learned to enjoy and love it. <33
    – Thanks for your comment. I smiled when I read it because it is very true 🙂
    – Do you customize wordpress themes? I just bought a domain and I need a decent theme. Hehe 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m excited about getting it installed. 😀 Haha. But I’m having a hard time figuring out the whole theme thing. D; Grr.

    That’s great that your party went well.
    I got a laptop as a graduation gift, but I already want a new one. Haha.
    I want a MacBook or something. But those cost like over $1,000 dollars. 😮

  3. Good luck in getting a laptop hun. You and me are the same with my iPod Touch lmfao.
    Well, I’m back from a long week of school.
    Glad you had a great party! (:
    love ya!

  4. I hate programming classes – especially when the enviroment is bad. Not fun to learn! Hurrah for the external harddrive! I can’t life without mine. I store all my music&photographs on it.

  5. Really? 🙂 Uhm, I’m not really in a hurry. And I am really looking for designers who would make a theme for free. I’ve been spending to much these past few weeks. I could no longer afford one. Hihi. 🙂

  6. That’s alright! I’ve managed to somehow catch up with my comments though, hehe.

    Aw, you slept late too! I stayed up until 2am this morning because I was writing a site review… today I am so doing work. Ahhh. I hope I do it. XD

    Haha thank goodness for your friend! Here, they always say not to use technology as an excuse, and to always have a backup plan or something like that.

    I look like I am, yeah. I thought wood was a nice word to go with “notes”.

    Oh, the movie amused me so much haha. They had a version of My Sharona. 😛

    I’m glad you had a good night! Sometimes shopping for clothes for a party is a pain, especially when you want to be comfortable at the same time. But when a late-night party gets boring, it’s a real downside. At least the party kept on going haha.

    I don’t need an external hard drive; my laptop is big enough as it is. Several hundred GB on there. But the one you’re going to get sounds pretty cheap considering the exchange rate. 🙂 My friend bought a one terabyte one; it was so huge that when he put all his laptop files on it, you could barely even see the disk space used. XP

    I hope you get a laptop! Laptops are the love. :3 My parents bought me one especially for uni.

    Gah, I hate it when the environment of a class is just shit. Last semester I had this downright boring class. It was a night class, and sucked so much. D:

  7. Ha, no, you’re not a loser. Some of those songs weren’t even any good; I just never deleted them. 😛

    I want to take programming classes! I don’t know if I can fit them into my schedule, though… bleh. I’m taking Beginning Programming using Alice this quarter, but it’s not programming so much as animating….

  8. LOL, same with me, except with MSN. Sometimes it depends who I’m talking to as well; some distract me more than others.

    I’m definitely not a shopping loving girl. I don’t like shopping with my mum because she’s fussy about stuff that I buy. :O I remember when I found my formal/prom dress though, I saw it and I just HAD to have it. It’s one of those times when it’s right and you fall in love with it. 😛

    Awww, I wouldn’t be scared. I’d be happy to back everything up on the one thing. I have only used an external hard drive once, though, so I am not sure what problems you can get with it.

    Haha I’m not jealous anymore because I have one. XD You need a permit? That’s sucky! It’s like, the norm here. Oh well, you’re right, there are many laptops out there that are small. And what with iPhones and pocket PCs… yeah. 😛

    Haha I did have a few friends in that class but nevertheless it was boring as hell. XP

  9. I’m glad that the party was nicee ! (:
    Hope you have a nice one next time, too !

    Whoa, !
    That’s pretty expensive for a hard drive or flash drive (=
    I got one for free in a concert, lmao.

    Have a good night’s rest ! (:

  10. Sounds like you had a really fun night! 320GB *drools* Is it okay to be drooling over hardware? o.O All that lovely space, I feel excited for you lol
    Getting a new laptop is good motivation for studying.
    Sorry to hear you didn’t like your java class, what don’t you like about it if you don’t mind me asking?

  11. Ahah, woot, we’re the same ! (;

    Whoaa, and I suck at drawing too ! LMAO . Ermm, yeah, I guess Spanish IS okay, (: I mean you get to learn another language too! ;D Awhh, social studies was my third favorite last year. I just LOVE reading & language arts so they take #1 & 2. XD

    Awhh, whoa, Tuesdays&Thursdays should be busssy ! (;

  12. Ah sorry you couldn’t comment, I removed the Captcha image so it should be okay now =) Ugh I hate introducing myself as well, it was always so forced I felt like alcoholics anonymous; “Hi I’m Vashael and blah blah” Everyone always followed what the previous person said, it was funny.
    Yup the chem teacher is strict, but she’s not my teacher 😛 I didn’t get to do the chemistry cause the class is too big so I’m doing environmental studies which is really fun ^^ Less stress.
    Hope you get good grades for that laptop =D Since I recently wrote exams my dad is buying me a tablet which i can’t wait for xD
    I understand about the java class, horrible teachers just ruin everything, especially when there’s people you don’t really get along with but I do hope it gets better for you 🙂

  13. I have a WD 500gb Passport. That thing is LOVE. It’s great how you don’t need an extra chunky power adaptor for it, and it’s great it’s soooooooooooo light. 😀 I use mine to back stuff up. I’m paranoid about losing my data, LOL.

  14. From Alice.org: “Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Alice is a teaching tool for introductory computing. It uses 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating first programming experience.”

    The problem isn’t so much my time as that… it’s hard to explain, and I don’t even know if I’m right… but I only need like 35 or so credits (not counting the ones I’m about to start on) before I graduate from the community college, and the areas that I need credits in AREN’T electives, as programming classes would be. And I don’t know if it matters to be taking “extra” classes… do you know what I mean?

    I still think your layout is soooo pretty. 😀

  15. SENYTH! 🙂 hey im back thankyou so much for waiting, aww yeah i know i just hate it when your happy and then the next moment it just goes all wrong *sighs* anyway how are you? 🙂 x

  16. LOL. Senyth brings up the cockroaches again LMFAO. (:
    I know I hate back stabbers… they stab your back… haha. (:

    I’m glad you like the new layout. TOOK LONG ENOUGH. 5 days!!

  17. Oo It’s good to hear that you enjoyed the party 🙂
    Even though you didn’t get the dress you wanted. But its better than nothing right?
    Wow, mahal pud anang external hardrive oi. But if you think about it, mas mahal man nganhi. Because we bought an external hard drive with 500GB and it was like $80 or something. But it was on sale 🙂 Which is good.
    My dad keeps telling me that he’s going to buy me a laptop when I’m in university but I doubt it. My mom is against it. Plus, I don’t really like the laptops here coz they don’t have Microsoft Word installed. We need to buy it ourselves, and it’s super expensive! GRR.
    But I gotta say, I don’t want to deny the offer 🙂 HAHA.
    Homework: kinsa man gyud and ga invent ana oi! Maka kapuy raman na sa ulo. I swear, Ma upaw na ko kadugayan ani sa kadaghan sa homework!

  18. I figured out how to change the permalinks. 🙂 I actually figured out pretty much everything, and understand pretty much everything now. The only thing I have left to do is to change my smilies. :p

    Yeah, I doubt I end up getting a new laptop anytime soon. At least not from my parents, since they just bought me one not too long ago, baha.

  19. Hey Senyth 😀

    LMAO. I guess everything has to be known on Facebook XD. I actually don’t add photos to my account. Partly because I don’t like pictures of myself. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the party! Can you take some pictures of the dress you wore? Pretty please? :3

    LOL 12:20 is pretty late. If I ever stay at a party up until that time then I end up sleeping at the place (unless it’s a public place like a hall or something).

    320GB T_T. Dude, you don’t know how jealous I am! LOL.
    Only $10 for 70gb more? That’s definitely worth it XD I hope your grades are good enough to buy your laptop XD I have a laptop but it’s not really mine. My mum bought it for me but my brother’s use it because it has more RAM and it doesn’t lag. ARGH. I have to put up with the laggy computer! I don’t like using my laptop anymore because they got so many viruses on it. They download too much.

    yeah. It would be cool if we just never age. Or if we reached a certain time where we stop aging (like Death. Jokes :P). But we just HAVE to grow up LOL

    Yeah 🙂 My mum’s parents are Filipino and my dad’s parents are Chinese/Japanese/Korean or something. I don’t know LOL. I always thought they were full Filipino but I just found out that they’re not LOL

    Anyways, hope you had nice dreams XD

  20. Haha yeah, I wasn’t getting any of it and I was soooo close to going back to FanUpdate, but then bam all of a sudden I started understanding all of it. :p I still haven’t quite figured out how to change my smilies, though. 😡

    That’s how I use to be. Like no matter, what I could not stay away from the computer. Haha. I would always tell myself to do my homework first, but then I’d only end up working on my homework for a few minutes and then I’d end up getting on the computer and staying on there the rest of the day. D;

    I have the opposite problem, I do affiliate clean ups too often. :p Baha.

  21. I completely, completely agree! School is a real pain in your a**. But of course, it’s for the better 😀
    I’m doing great, thanks. I’m practically off crutches! 🙂 🙂 🙂 So glad! Hhaa. It made school easier to be able to
    carry my own books and such to class.

  22. hi there!

    i actually have a java class too and the professor is just so .. horrible. he’s inconsistent – on the first day, he came in with a WONDERFUL, AMAZING and INTELLIGENT lecture and then the next day, he just mumbled things about java and IP addresses and DNS servers and all that. it was so ra9ewhra mind boggling and i don’t know if i can pass the class anymore 🙁

  23. LMAOLMAO. I assure you I did not know this dude, and I don’t even remember correctly if his name was Dave. Nevertheless, he was an idiot. I know he was probably trying to sell something or whatever, but that was just really rude!

    I would have shouted at her, “If you were watching where you were going, you wouldn’t have so violently elbowed my breast!” Hahaha. Really though, if you bump someone you should just apologise. Here, if someone bumps you, you should still say sorry or something like that. You might have been in the person’s way. You definitely shouldn’t blame it on the other person when you could clearly be in the wrong. Stupid woman!

  24. Ahha, yeah !
    In Spanish, I could understand some stuff, but speaking, OHNO !

    Tuesday’s the busiest cause of tutor):
    But there’s no particular day that I hate. 😛
    Just busy. x)

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