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Eww. But no, it's not what you think

Holy crap! It sure looks painful. Haha. I know you guys might be thinking I have a serious cut in my cuticle. But that’s the ink I received after voting. LOL. I voted like 3 days ago and forgot to take a picture of it while it’s still new. Haha. So the ink kind of faded but a bit of it still remained and it looked like the blood vessels are clogged or something.

On another note, my dad just came home a few hours ago from Libya, where he works as an OFW. Normally, we would clean the house a day before and on the day he arrives. Haha. Don’t get me wrong. We clean our house most of the time, but we just make sure the house looks really neat when he comes home. πŸ™‚ I’m really happy that he got home safely, despite the horrible weather. ^-^ Thank goodness.

As expected, I cleaned the computer area, which took me qutie some time to finish it as I have to clean 3 computers. @_@ I managed to clean the room as well and arranged my super messy nail kit. I haven’t used the polishes I bought last year because I was too busy or too lazy to apply them. Haha. I was really disappointed when I saw that most of them had dried out. Maybe they reached their expiration date already? Unlike food, they don’t have that date stamped on the bottle. LOL.

They just died

These are some of the bottles that I got before I threw them away. LOL. Some of the nail polish removers and cuticle tint had dried up as well. I think that the heat also contributed to this because it’s always hot in my room, especially since I don’t stay there as much now, and staying there means that the electric fan is most of the time on, so the temperature isn’t that hot. That’s just my theory though. Haha.

My favorites

I was really thinking hard if I should throw these four away because I really like them, the Careline and Skinfood one. Look how bad the Skinfood bottle looks like? D: I know they’re cheap, but I haven’t really used them. Maybe I have been too used with Programming where our teachers always remind us to code efficiently that using things efficiently has been stamped in my mind as well. Haha. I know they’re all pink, which isn’t surprising since it’s my favorite color. I have more pink colors but they’re the ones that stood out for me. I’d buy nail polishes again when I get to the mall now that my kit is neat and free of useless stuffs. ~_^

One thing that makes me lazy about painting my nails is waiting for the polish to dry. I used to use Bobbie’s Fast Dry Coat, but I still find it takes quite some time. I know, I’m really impatient. I’ve been eyeing Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat but I can’t seem to find it here. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep searching. I don’t have a good eyesight. Haha.

Anyway, I’ve been to my old school today since it’s my brothers’ intramurals(yes, we go to the same school πŸ™‚ ) and somehow, I felt nostalgic even though my high school memories and experience aren’t those I could consider as best.

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  1. I actually thought you had nailpolish on your nail..not a cut. But good that it’s just ink from the votings πŸ™‚ Seeing your nailpolish photos made me to want to go get some new nailpolish colors..

  2. Oh haha same here. My knee is okay now but then I did the same to the other one, but less extensive. School is a pain. I hate doing essays every week. I love music though, and how they let you listen to it in some classes.

    So how have you been? Ohhh I love those nail colors! I need a bunch of new colors. I think I’ll ask for them for Christmas. I really like Sally Hansen.

  3. i didn’t vote this last barangay elections. wahahaha. but i remember i also took a picture of my nail with an ink during the national elections :))

    iiihhhhh… daming nail polish. gusto ko rin.haha.

  4. hahahah.. i thought you were cut or something..seriously.. πŸ™‚ anyways, I wasn’t able to practice my right..i wasnt able to vote in our baranggay.. :))

    we have the same thing in common.. i have more nail colors in different pink shades. hahaha.. i have that careline nail polish too.. πŸ™‚

  5. OMG. I really thought you cut your cuticle. >.<
    Wow. That's a lot of nail polish. I also like nail polish too but I am always lazy to apply nail polish.

  6. haha at the first glance, I thought you were having major cut but I was wrong haha. Nice trip ah haha

    AWW those nail polishes, very pretty, :O
    My nails are really small so I dont know if applying nail polish would suit in my little fingers haha

    -happy blogging! πŸ˜€

  7. I can’t say enough how much this layout amazes me. Can you make me a layout like this? If not, it’s fine. I’ll firgure out a layout soon. (:

    Hahahahaha. Yeah, that does look like you have a cut on cuticle. πŸ™‚ Why do they do that?

    That sucks that you had to throw a lot of them away. I’m sorry.

    I’m glad your dad got home safely as well. I think my dad is coming home this weekend as well. Hahahhaa. My sister has the health baby (an electronic baby that we have to take care of for 1 weekend. It turns on around this time and turns of at like 9am) and he will have to be driven crazy by it AGAIN because I just had mine not too long ago. XD

    I’d get lots of black nail polish because that is my favorite color to put on my nails.
    Hahahaha. I wish I could be lazy..but ahhh it’s helping me learn how to deal with myself when I have kids in the late future. πŸ™‚

    Yeah, I’m sorry. What do you have to do on Christmas break?


    Oh, that is probably why I couldn’t find him. XD

    I fixed your comment, btw. πŸ™‚

    & Awesome!

    Cool. The mall isn’t that close to us here so we don’t really go that often.

    Awh! (:

  8. Aw. You’re lucky you were able to excercise your right to vote. I wasn’t even able to register to begin with. I feel awful. Anyway, you sure do have a lot of nail polishes! But it’s sad that they dried out.

  9. Yeah at first I thought it’s blood! haha glad it’s not. I dont buy nail polish anymore because they just end up drying =_= I dont paint my nails too much :3

    password to protected post is ‘yayforlove’, btw. if you wanna read. πŸ™‚

  10. I just cut myself around that area yesterday! I was picking something up and it slipped out of my hand and sliced that area. It’s one of the places where I get more annoyed than anything else.

    && I have problems throwing away papers from past years. I’m always like no, I might need this. I don’t know why I’d need a paper from 8th grade, but I insist on keeping it anyways

  11. No we do, but I meant listening to an iPod or something like that. College sounds so fun, is it? (:

    I’m not sure, but it really is a pain to be breaking them all the time!

    & I think they’re maybe 1-2 $ a bottle range. They have amazing colors and it works well. I just love it. I guess you could look her up on google.

  12. pity me I was not able to vote :_: Haha, anyway this post just reminded me of the nailpolishes I’ve bought from last 2 years that I NEVER USED. Haha, like you because I was always to busy I forgot about it. And when I think about it, I remember how lame I am on putting on nailpolish – I always end up messing them because I am very impatient with the drying process xD

  13. The Skin Food one looks like actual gross skin food… JK. Haha. It does look clumped up and in bad condition though. A lot of my nail polishes go like that after some time. Even after rolling the bottle around and getting the liquid to go back to normal again, it doesn’t do much and it looks terrible. I think some of my bottle have expiration dates on them, though.

    I don’t paint my nails often anymore because I’m too busy with university to find the time… or I am just interested in doing other things. I absolutely hate waiting for nail paint to dry.

    I also don’t really care for brands. I usually just get cheap ones as well… but I still feel bad when all my bottles go dry and I just have no choice but to throw these bottles out.

    My parents always want to clean the house when relatives come. But when one of your parents comes home of course they want to be welcomed somehow! πŸ™‚

    I know what you mean. πŸ˜€ I always stay up really late for things that aren’t even related to school. The least amount of sleep I’ve ever had was probably four hours. That’s already pretty extreme for me.

    Working would be the same as studying – if not more work. D: A lot of people find their jobs stressful because of the long hours, even if they love what they do.

    I think I might not work so well under pressure – I will finish what I need to do if I leave something until the last minute, and I guess the effect of relief afterwards is better, but I don’t like pulling myself through that so if I have a choice… I’d rather not. XD

    I sort of just write about myself just like that. I don’t mind writing about myself, actually. XD

    Oooh well if I get an opportunity I will definitely have to see the galeon!

    That is weird that the class doesn’t work. I’d put div class=”name” and then the CSS would be #name {text-align:center;}. So… that is really quite strange.

    That’s good haha! I love making layouts, especially for fanlistings. X_X I still have over 100 but some are being adopted out… which is a good thing. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t think that Sadako split up in the book. I don’t really remember… XD

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