A Color Between Red And White

Today is a really boring and unproductive day for me. The only thing I did today is paint my mom’s nails. She saw me painting mine and wants a new shade for her nails too. LOL. She has a lot of requests that made me think that she thinks I’m a pro at it or something.

My clean nails ;P

I tended to my nails after a long time probably because I suddenly remembered my messed up manicure kit. I bought new polishes anyway and I tried it out. Then I used Caronia’s Frosted Golden Mauve. I actually took a picture of it, but I don’t like posting it since the color picked up too much light, which I didn’t like. Haha.

My mom's nails

These are my mom’s nails. They look prettier than mine, IMO. XD I used Bobbie’s Glaze Margarita. I actually love Bobbie’s nail polishes, and their brushes too. Remember my SkinFood polish? I kept the bottle since I really love the brush(LOL lame reason) and I’m planning to fill it with cuticle remover or cuticle tint. I observed people at salons do this and I found it to be more convenient. 😀

Anyway, I really had a fun day yesterday but now I’ve succumbed to boredom and laziness. I better do something productive before this day ends. :S

And I apologize for those who got freaked out over my pictures in my previous entry. Oops. Somehow, your reactions made me smile because at least my efforts weren’t futile. ~_^

17 thoughts on “A Color Between Red And White”

  1. Senyth! How are you? I miss you so much! 🙁 But I hope we talk more these days.

    Wow, your nails/fingers looks much better than mine. But I don’t really pay attention to them like some people; I guess the part of my body which I care about LESS are my hands.

    But I guess, having pretty nails is good once in a while. AHA. Hey, Senyth, why don’t you come over to England and do my nails? AHAHAA. 😀

    xD Take care!

    1. @Pauline,

      I’ve just been so busy, Pauline. T_T I’ll endure this, though.

      I’d LOVE to come over there, IF I could. LOL. Yo’u could give me a tour and everything. Haha. I wouldn’t mind giving your nails a pretty lift as well.

      You were really busy too. I just saw your site. XD How did you do that image thing on Maintenance Mode?

      Take care, Pauline!

  2. BOOO @ Boredom. I hate being bored.

    I’m just gonna hang out with Dante today. He actually just pulled up. 🙂

    You are good at doing nails! I should hire you to do mine! XD
    Hahahahahahah. I procrastinate too much.

    Okay. 🙂 I added you.

    Hahahahaha. That is hilarious.

    & Tyler isn’t my boyfriend. Dante is. XD People have been making that mistake with that left and right with this blog.


    Yeah! (:

    Okay. Remind me what I said and email me, I’ll reply asap.

    😀 I love kids.

  3. I don’t like painting my nails unless I can paint them clear. Yeahh, I’m a little odd. I don’t like when the paint is chipping off, and usually if it’s clear, I can’t tell! lols.

  4. I love Bobbie nail polish as well! My favorite one is Save the Date (or something like that). Basta it’s a peachy-pink shade. Hihi. I love love love painting my nails!!!! 😀

    I know a few multiply shops because I used to have one. Hihi.

  5. You don’t have to be super creative to be a front end developer. Usually front end developers will take the designs design of the webpage and turn it into html/css.

    I use the urban decay brow box for my eyebrows because I have very sparse eyebrows too. The Rimmel brow pencils are also really good. You can try the Rimmel one out first because it’s a little cheaper than urban decay.

    Your mum’s nails looks really pretty. That’s a really nice colour, I love the sparkles. I use to wear nail varnish a lot but been lazy lately.

  6. Those nails look amazing! You are very good at it. I’m usless because I can’t keep my hands from shaking! It’s also a problem painting my nails because I bite them. I really wish I could give up but it’s a bad habit of mine.

  7. LOL, it was goooood! Trust me. You’re a natural and photography I’m betting. Ohhh I’m sorry to hear. I hate that feeling of freedom, then going back to school. Waking up is the hardes thing to do, I can argue this. 😉

  8. hehe. lol. i call it sweeet. haha. :))
    kasi if i were in your shoes, super tamad ako talaga, hindi ko magagawa to paint my mom’s nails. hehe. 🙂

    you did a good job! ^^

  9. i wish i could do the same with my mom… but since i sucked at painting nails she’s the only one who cleans mine and never got my services ever. loooool


    I know right?



    Fantastic. & Yes, a year November 23rd. 🙂
    Tyler is my ex-friend. He was my friend in 9th grade that I had a crush on. It was a stupid crush. He is the “bad boy”..I guess.

    Replied! (:

    Hahahahaha. Same here.

  11. Oh, you made your mom’s nails look absolutely lovely up there! You’re so lucky to have a mom who likes wearing color on her nails. My mom probably would, but she says her nails are too tiny to accomodate nail polish. Well, she does my nails sometimes. 😀

    I’ve never tried Bobbie nail polish, though I suppose it ought to be as good as Caronia? I think I might compare sometime. 😀

  12. You did a really good job on your mom’s nails =)

    I quit wearing nail polish on my nails cause of my job. But I always get my sister to do funky colors on my toes. Right now they’re purple and green ^-^

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