2017 In Review

What started weak ended up with a bang. Indeed, life is a wheel. #YOLO.

I greeted 2017 gloomily, walking aimlessly, unsure where I was headed, more specifically, with my career. I was happy with the salary, but I wasn’t happy with the type of work I was doing. Deep inside, I knew I’m meant to do something else. Work became unbearable and led me to pull the trigger.

Journey to Entrepreneurship

On April 2017, I was finally free from work and decided to pursue stock trading. I knew the fundamental and technical concepts and I’ve been trading on the side so I was pretty confident of what I’m about to do. But life decided to give me lemons, and I found out I wasn’t prepared enough for it.

Going full-time with it, along with the uncertainty of the market and the certainty of my monthly bills, it was harder than I thought. Being stubborn with my goals, I still tried to give it a shot and studied the new trends of the web on the side as a refresher course just to ease my nerves during market hours.

On The Crossroads

On September 2017, I decided to blog again, hence, the launching of this site (yay!), applying what I have learned. I have always enjoyed blogging and maintaining this means that I can be up to date with the industry’s new trends and best practices. Front-end web development has always been a source of entertainment to me. A month later, I have launched my portfolio site, senyth.me.

Crossing Fingers

On the middle of November 2017, I decided to formally use this knowledge in the industry I tried applying for work, hoping to provide value to the company who will be willing to hire me. Coming up to this was a difficult decision and I struggled a lot with my own thoughts of insecurity — mostly how I felt like I was a fresh graduate since I don’t have industry experience in this specific field even though I’ve been working for almost 6 years being a PeopleSoft developer.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my work back then but nothing seemed as entertaining and as exciting to me as web development. I know that I wouldn’t be truly happy unless I try this out and let my soul rest. Cliche, but yes, you only live once. In the end, we regret the things we didn’t do.

Best Gift Ever, So Far

On December 2017, God gave me a Christmas gift. A company decided to hire me as a front-end web developer. I couldn’t believe it myself! My dream job, my dream position has finally come true!

I am hyped and scared at the same time. Negative thoughts will sometimes swarm at me, but I brush them off knowing that God will sustain me in this journey. He brought me here, He will definitely carry me through it. Knowing that He is for me and with me gives me courage to always step forward. I couldn’t ask for more. To Him I give all the glory and honor.

Worth The Ride

To sum it up, I did have a pretty tough, but interesting year. Also managed to have a few trips here and there, and have been able to spend more time with my family, friends and church mates. As a bonus, my room has been renovated and unexpectedly matched my dream room. I definitely have learned a lot last 2017 and wouldn’t have it any other way. Struggles and challenges bring about growth and maturity. So be thankful for every circumstance that comes your way.

Life is a wheel. But it is a beautiful wheel.

13 thoughts on “2017 In Review”

  1. Congrats on getting dream job you wanted! You will rock at it! What a change it was from the beginning of 2017! You did a complete 180 by the end of it. Here’s to a better 2018 for you since you achieved the job you wanted!

  2. Happy New Year, Senyth!

    Pretty cool that you got into stock trading last year! High risk comes with high rewards ;). Congratulations on getting a job offer! It’s awesome that you scored something you really want to do :). I remember using PeopleSoft for school, aha. 6 years working in the position is really good- employers like to see that their investment in employees won’t go to waste!

    Glad to hear that 2017 was overall good. Challenges make the individual grow :). Hope 2018 will be a great year as well!


  3. Wow I bet you were so excited to receive that job offer! A shame that the year started of quite bummed, but at least you managed to make it back with a bang with so many great things happening! Here’s to 2018 🙂

    Little Moon Elephant

  4. Wow Senyth, you said on my blog post that you had your mouth open amazed by what I did in 2017 but you have really inspired me after reading this. Honestly girl WOW! I’m so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort bubble job and going out there to pursue something you’re passionate about. Especially in web development and tech! I am SO proud of you!

    Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

  5. Happy New Year!

    It’s cool that you took the leap and gave it a go with the stock market. I would honestly not know where to start. So great that you decided to start blogging again and jump back into web development. 😀 It is so wonderful that you were able to get a job that you wanted and care work in a field that you enjoy so much! 😀

    I hope that 2018 will be a positive year for you. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on getting your dream job! That’s amazing and getting your goal really made up for 2017’s weak start!

    Have fun with your job and I wish you all the best! Here’s to a more awesome 2018! 😀

  7. Oh my goodness… CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so glad you landed that dream job in a dream career! That is freaking awesome!! I believe all detours are there “for a reason,” if not simply to be an opportunity for learning and growth. 🙂 I hope 2018 is going to kick off amazingly, with your new job!!

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