1Q2018 Review

I can’t believe it’s April now! It seemed like the first quarter of 2018 literally just flew by. If you’ve read my 2017 review post, you’d know that my 2018 kicked off with a bang. And thankfully, as of now, I feel like I’m still being propelled by a rocket.

The Coffee Affair

I have always been a coffee fanatic, more so when my coffee has been brewed to perfection. 👌 This affair started way back 2012 when Starbucks was just located on the same building where I worked. I am very grateful to Starbucks because they introduced me to this amazing world of coffee wonder. I was just new to the corporate world at that time and couldn’t afford to go to Starbucks all the time, so I found ways to have my coffee and not break the bank, and voila! I found that brewing your own coffee is easier on the pockets. Who says you can’t drink your coffee and have it, ey? (that pun, though. 😆 Get it? 😉 Yes, I had coffee while writing this, sorry not sorry) And that’s how I fell in love with coffee ever since.

Paella Valenciana

I like eating food from different cuisines and Spanish cuisine is one of them. I don’t mind that it originated from a country that colonized us for years. That was a thing of the past, right? Besides, their food is delicious. Today, my boyfriend brought me paella that he cooked, so it’s safe to say this isn’t my recipe. But he agreed to post this recipe in my blog for keepsake. 😍

2017 In Review

What started weak ended up with a bang. Indeed, life is a wheel. #YOLO.

I greeted 2017 gloomily, walking aimlessly, unsure where I was headed, more specifically, with my career. I was happy with the salary, but I wasn’t happy with the type of work I was doing. Deep inside, I knew I’m meant to do something else. Work became unbearable and led me to pull the trigger.

Journey to Entrepreneurship

On April 2017, I was finally free from work and decided to pursue stock trading. I knew the fundamental and technical concepts and I’ve been trading on the side so I was pretty confident of what I’m about to do. But life decided to give me lemons, and I found out I wasn’t prepared enough for it.

Burger Steak Recipe

You know you are a Filipino when you hear of “burger steak”, you think of Jollibee’s. I’ll be sharing with you this killer recipe that tastes pretty much the same as Jollibee’s, minus the preservatives and the long line, especially now that it’s the holiday season.